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File: 1378029991883.png (660.8 KB, 2048x2048, 1377996176751.png)

Bat Pony Thread Anonymous 181185[Last 50 Posts]

MLPchan edition

Writers pastebin:

Stories listed by Bat:

The archives up until now are at:

Google Disk for all thread pictures:

We even have our IRC channel:
Channel: #bat

Anonymous 181186

Anonymous 181274

File: 1378041077458.jpg (Spoiler Image,198.02 KB, 1113x1470, mtr_1377417289128.jpg)

Anonymous 181373

We need writefags

Anonymous 181377

File: 1378049456788.png (751.33 KB, 1048x4066, All.png)

All of the good ones are at /mlp/
Pic related

Anonymous 181493

Why can't we have writefags too?

Anonymous 181497

Because I'm too busy not writing for /mlp/ to not write for you too.
Also because I don't feel like reposting all of my stories over here after I post them on /mlp/
Especially because the main one is almost 200+ posts long

Anonymous 181521

File: 1378059099275.gif (1.7 MB, 609x591, 1377649417263.gif)

Anonymous 181562

File: 1378061184316.png (1.27 MB, 2000x1340, 1378019462241.png)

Anonymous 181563

File: 1378061219065.png (206.02 KB, 1176x860, 1377916553858.png)

Anonymous 181564

File: 1378061324099.png (1.4 MB, 4064x4565, 1377292706437.png)

Anonymous 181565

File: 1378061356449.gif (184.05 KB, 1000x800, 1377311550296.gif)

Anonymous 181567

File: 1378061468756.png (819.72 KB, 1223x931, 1377536445503.png)

Anonymous 181586

File: 1378062477892.png (1.83 MB, 4533x5000, 1377624743199.png)

Anonymous 181589

File: 1378062525556.png (841.41 KB, 4322x4877, 1377653689248.png)

Anonymous 181590

File: 1378062558052.png (598.33 KB, 977x976, 1377963057246.png)

Anonymous 181591

File: 1378062602839.png (260.02 KB, 1000x982, 1377995019879.png)

Anonymous 181592

File: 1378062619680.png (238.95 KB, 1024x1116, 1378019482763.png)

Anonymous 181593

File: 1378062636989.png (550.08 KB, 1400x1000, PlsPonty.png)

Anonymous 181594

File: 1378062678411.png (398.47 KB, 2200x1483, BatsOnMyHeadButDon'tCallMeABat…)

Anonymous 181598

File: 1378062835026.png (101.87 KB, 1024x740, speck_the_bat_pony_1_by_zee66-…)

Why are you so quite /anon/?
Eat shit
Not a whole lotta art of her other than a few vectors

Anonymous 181599

Slow day.

Anonymous 181600

File: 1378062927048.png (704.2 KB, 4193x5000, 1375395788771.png)

Slow day every day?

Anonymous 181601

>not a lot of art except vectors
>not stalking Nuke's imgur and pastebin

Anonymous 181604

File: 1378062996554.png (258.85 KB, 3628x3051, 1376772923082.png)

Yes. Today is extra slow tho. What's happening over at mootchan?

Anonymous 181606

The usual shitposting, now with more begging for BatDesu to return.

Anonymous 181609

File: 1378063058763.png (571.49 KB, 1078x1069, 1376110771388.png)

Still mostly vectors,
don't make me slap a bitch.

Hmm, I don't know actually, I came over here first.

Anonymous 181610

>not loving Speck even though she's mostly vectors
Why do you hate everything good in the world?

Anonymous 181614

File: 1378063119272.png (242.87 KB, 1523x2000, 1374606737143.png)

Anon, pls.

Anonymous 181616

File: 1378063145483.png (76.4 KB, 839x472, 9.png)

No, Anon. You please.

Anonymous 181619

File: 1378063276916.png (1.01 MB, 4243x4877, 1377654754085.png)

Nigga, I don't even feel.

Anonymous 181620

File: 1378063326004.png (269.4 KB, 1313x1105, eeeee.png)

You're crying on the inside, anon.

Anonymous 181622

File: 1378063380361.png (745.73 KB, 4347x5000, 1376655366470.png)

I've felt before, but I can't anymore.
Ha, I'm bleak and edgy

Anonymous 181624

These wounds they will not heal

Anonymous 181634

There are too many damn OC's

Anonymous 181635

There aren't enough OC's.

Anonymous 181640

File: 1378065252739.png (481.33 KB, 858x1216, batpone.png)

Relativly new to this bat pony thingy

Got any stories involving romance and clop?

Anonymous 181642

File: 1378065374551.png (1.4 MB, 5000x4391, 1378056902691.png)

Eppy's Nightlight thing is pretty nice, not very extensive clop, but it's nice, I think.

Anonymous 181650

File: 1378066301644.gif (169.69 KB, 615x563, night guard.gif)

If batpone cums inside
do you become batpone?

Anonymous 181651

>not cumming inside patpone

if you weren't such a sub bitch this wouldn't be a problem

Anonymous 181653

god fucking damnit

Anonymous 181655

Anonymous 181657

Pat pony is best pony.

Anonymous 181661

File: 1378066824789.png (597.85 KB, 624x664, Postman bat.png)

Anonymous 181666

I want her to cum inside of me.

Anonymous 182050

>mfw I'm in Fourcannon
>mfw I like it

Anonymous 182055

I hardly understand what four canon is.
Do you just hang out in the thread and /soc/diy/ like your in your pony's position?

Anonymous 182067

Mainly lore goes in the thread, and discussions about Fourcannon.
it's reall just a horse RP
on an IRC
The gyst is, "Congrats, you get to be a p0ne in Equestria, but outcasted from the main lands and p0nyville, instead you're put in a frontier village where others whom are in the same situation as you are. Oh, by the by, you start out as a blank flank."
Then you roll (post in the thread) to see what you get.
Evens = Pegasi, batp0ne or Unicorn.
Odds = Mudp0ne or zigger.
0-4 is male, 5-9 is female.
And there's no re-rolls.
Your roll is final.

Anonymous 182069

Forgot, the frontier village is basically the residents to look after, construct and maintain.
As much realism was put into it as possible, surprisingly.

John Freeman visits /anon/ 182102

File: 1378088530756.jpg (241.44 KB, 881x842, john_freeman_is_my_homeboy_by_…)

Sure they do!

>The vamponeh was remniscing about his old days of how he became a bat pony…

>''AAh fuck yeah fuck me harder you little twerp''
>""I wanna get off Luna's wild ride, plsss!''
>""STFU"!! I"m the princess, I do WTF I WANT''
>''Aaahh whyyyy based god, why!!!''
>''Congrats, my faithful student, you have officialy ascended to bat pony''
>Now back to current time, it's night, it's summer and hot as well, it's perfect.
>The vamponeh couldn't stop his inst1ctual habits, he had to lemate.
>The vamponeigh spotted Derpy chasing after fireflies…
>He thought about his standards for a while…he kept looking at Derpy to spot her flaws,
>So he could stop eyeing her obsessively and tell his hormons to fuck off
>But it was too late, for he thought of Derpy for a moment how she would look like as a batpony
>And one word sparked in his mind which made him lose complete control of his life; the word was ''cute'' …
>In a highly rushed unbelievable and very boring simplistic action sequence the bat pony rushed for Derpy and inserted his lebatdick in her.
>She wanted to scream but lesexyvamponeh silenced her with his expert kissing while still penetrating her insides.
>Derpy's wings were being holded by the bat pony's hooves, they were sensitive like marshmallows…
>He kept pumpig into derpy faster and faster so he could get it over with…because horses don't do it for the joy
>But this writer has some sexually stunted adults to cater to, it couldn't end this soon, so we needed at least 3 more lines.
>The vamponeh grabbed Derpy's flanks and pushed harder and deeper into her, lowly screeching with each pump.
>He purred like a cat as he licked her cute dumpling face and gave her a kiss for good luck as he went beyond fucking her roughly and fast
>The vamponeh cums inside Derpy, all the fluids coming out of her. After that he bites her neck, instantly turning Derpy into a very cute batponeeh.

>He hnggeed out of his hearts, his dick's heart too, but he had to go…he got off DerpyDaBatPony and started walking away.

>But oh noes, in front of him explodes something and he sees a black figure coming out of the purple smoke. It was Derpy!
>''I'm gonna fuck the living soul out of you, m8!, for I am Pyrde the cock destroyer!''
>Vamponeeh! run for your life! run like the supersonic after boom, this isn't Derpy anymore, man!! ruun nigga run with the gray hooves which genetics gave you.
>Vamponeh flies as fast as he can covering tons of space, he does a backflip and a loop de loop! he lands on a lamp pole.
>But out of the darkness comes Derp..err Pyrde with her eyes all glowy like fireflies, she has an epic rape face, slightly pissed off but all smiley and psycho.
>Vamponeeh's heart is beating harder and harder as she aproaches, and then she licks her lips, which makes vamponeh run the fuck away.
>But it's no use! for she easily gains on him and snatches him in mid-air, doing him right there in the night sky.
>''Keep flapping those wings if you don't want to fall, count cockula''
>Pyrde rides him like a horse marathon, bouncing on him with her heavy, but athletic bubble butt.
>The dick goes inside her up and down as she keeps the fast momentum, unfazed and slightly bored.
>''Hey I know, let's a sing a song'' ''Giddy up, giddy up…'' she rides his batdick in rhythm with the song's tempo while she has a smile as wide as a mile.
>''Giddy up, giddy up…up up, up up!'' ''No seriously, get up!!''
>The vamponeh below Pyrde, begins falling like a rock as he can't concentrate anymore, and crashes.
>Derpy is in the air still flapping her wings perfectly, as she goes down''
>"I told you to keep flapping those wings, lazyass, guess I'll just do you on the ground'' she lands next to him
>The vamponeeh screeches right into her ears and runs off like a scared faggot, trot you fucker trot like you never trotted before!

>Phew, I think vamponeh escaped her…now to go back to the crib…hmm? what is this? a tree's root seem to be keeping vamponeh from lifting.

>Damn roots, get off! … AAhhHH!! out of the ground emerges Derpy like a zombie, pulling vamponeeh down.
>''How are you soo strong, how!!'' begged vamponeh for an answer
>"Never turn a disabled pony into a bat pony, son. It's mutations 101'' ''Now let me teach you a trick or two about other things''
>Vamponeh screamed out of his lungs, but Derpy silenced him with her juicy salivating mouth which tasted like mangos.
>Her hooves now had a magic aura on them, she stroked vamponeeh's flaccid batdick, as she kept on kissing.
>Bat Derpy rubbed her thighs between the batdick which was now turning into a boner.
>Derpy…Pyrde moves with her flank over to vamponee's face, and pushes his head towards her, thus pushing his mouth inside her mare vagina.
>''Don't leave any marks in there with your jagged teeth or your balls are kill'' ''Now let me hear you purr''
>Vamponeeh uses his long bat tongue to lick inside of her, going beyond her womb's entrance and licks all around inside of it.
>Derpy's bat wings are in full swing, same for her eyes widened all up. She holds onto his head as she bites her lip trying to keep her over the top moans in check
>Her body arches, aches and trembles, her head can't stay in one place as she's being pleasured deep inside of her with a tickling, soft, salivating bat tongue.
>She hugs his head with her hooves and her thighs as she orgasms like she never did before.
>Vamponee's tongue feels like it's getting pressed on, (''dear god she's tight when she comes, thank Luna that wasn't my dick, it would have been crushed by the force'')
>''I'm all satisfied…all I'd like now are some muffins!''
>''But I'll eventually crush your batdick, don't forget I didn't ask you to rape me and turn me into a bat pony, mister…what's your name anyway?''
>''Nightwing Shades Auditore…''
>''Ahahahahhaha no rly, what's ur name?''
>Derek, but friends call me Winkingdick''
>''So Twinkleshine it is, anon''
>No wait!! …hey did you just call me anon?…how did you…
>''I'm a mary sue now, mary sues know everything, now shut up, anon turned batpony, and fetch me a muffin''
>"With extra lemon!! Now hurry up till I don't rape you again''

John Freeman visits /anon/ 182105

File: 1378088822484.jpg (89.95 KB, 900x600, i_am_john_freeman__by_seaninja…)

>tfw no 2000character limit

I shall name that fic…I Have lost control of my life, by anon.

>Anon, why are you writing shitty clopfics at 3 in the morning?

>Because I have lost control of my lifeeeee.

Anonymous 182272

File: 1378096934354.png (180.74 KB, 866x922, zecora3.png)

you're my new favorite namefag
and my nigga

Anonymous 182284

Ten outta fucking ten.

Anonymous 184581

File: 1378186753962.png (3.52 MB, 7087x7087, 1378174634931.png)

New content

Anonymous 185117

File: 1378196540810.png (447.18 KB, 447x599, 447px-Manlytears3_copy.png)


Anonymous 185185

File: 1378206585920.png (197.46 KB, 998x1340, Demands.png)

Anonymous 185206

Anonymous 185917

Anonymous 186141

Who is this?

Anonymous 186368

Moonlight and Big John

Anonymous 186371

>Big John
I like it.

Anonymous 186598


His name is Keekeesuh.

Anonymous 186829

Hekes has blue wings/no pony tail/green eyes

Anonymous 187790

How would I find this?

Anonymous 187827

Very good.

Anonymous 189665

Go to /mlp/ and check the catalog, you should be able to find it pretty easy

Anonymous 189680

Can someone please explain to me what these threads are about?

Are they seriously just dedicated to this one "Bat Pony" OC?

Is it about porn?

Anonymous 189683

Well there are a lot more than just one bat pony, there is like a shit ton of them, but we barely have any porn for some reason.

Anonymous 189795

File: 1378522136920.png (102.15 KB, 1000x1000, AuxAux2.png)

Anonymous 189805

File: 1378522466517.png (336.52 KB, 2000x2000, Bathurt.png)

Anonymous 189807

File: 1378522525888.png (393.3 KB, 2000x2000, Moonshine.png)

Anonymous 189825

I hate that art style.

Anonymous 190088

b u m p

Anonymous 190090

I find it 2cute5you

Anonymous 190094

I guess… it's like a chocolate cupcake filled with chocolate pudding, dipped in chocolate syrup, and then coated in chocolate kisses.
It really is too much and I don't like it.

Anonymous 190096

>a toddler torturer from /fpg/ finds something cute that a resident batfucker doesn't want
this is surprising

Anonymous 190099

File: 1378535344059.jpg (15.59 KB, 300x193, 1316973661001.jpg)

That's… what the fuck?
I was meaning that the art style is over-done.

Anonymous 190719

File: 1378590333504.png (968.09 KB, 5000x4666, happy florence.png)

Vectorfag here. Things are coming together slowly. Here's my contribution for now.

Anonymous 190724

That's cute.
Don't let /mlp/ see it. One of their writefags has a massive hardon for Florence and won't shut the fuck up about her.

Anonymous 190727

I've barely seen him contribute anything for an extended period of time. It's all talks and promises.

Anonymous 190729

He's pissing me off, really badly.
I talk to him on Skype and keep telling him to stop shitposting, but he continues.
I swear to god, he's just as bad as Hands with his /k/ talk.

Anonymous 190763

Don't tell me they have a skype group. First they have a trusted tripfriend list, then the steam group. The writers list has enough people on there. Ctrl+F-ing a thread for their trips I found a lot of posts. 90% were shitposting.
Well it was a great run. I'm disappointed I couldn't contribute more. Hopefully the shitposters won't flock here when they'll eventually get scruffed.

Anonymous 190767

no skype group, just me getting onto Nick for being a fucking retard half the time.

Anonymous 190778

He really is 15. Right?

Anonymous 190781

Also, the steam group is more or less just for people to play games together. No one's ever in the chatroom.

Anonymous 190801

I like it. The eyes are a little iffy, but overall it's pretty good,. Thanks random mlpchan vectorbro!

Anonymous 190928

File: 1378596187291.png (647.49 KB, 2243x1619, my style.png)

That's how you recognize my vectors. Since I don't keep a library of pony organs ready to be used on a pony I have to do the eyes from my memory on a laptop which I hold on my lap with my mouse next to me on a book while I'm sitting on a couch. Damn furniture delivery will only have time to deliver it this Tuesday.

Anonymous 192154

I want to pat a bat.

Anonymous 192459

I want a pet bat.

Anonymous 192547


We all do, Anon.

We all do.

Anonymous 192654

File: 1378665844534.png (261.03 KB, 600x605, 130134339824.png)

Can you Replace twilight with speck?

Anonymous 192657

And keep Pinkie.
God yes, Nuke will fucking love that shit.
Maybe he'd even come write for us a little bit if someone made it happen.

Anonymous 192662

Vectorfag here from last night. I'll give it a go.

Anonymous 192794

hello there, gonna wait until shitposting on /mlp/ ends

Anonymous 192797

I guess you'll be here for a while then

Anonymous 192966

File: 1378676767409.png (1008.68 KB, 5000x5000, speck and panko.png)

Anonymous 192968

File: 1378676986907.gif (499.44 KB, 500x207, tumblr_lwqd1npikt1qbcq69.gif)

Anonymous 192971

Best bat and best pone confirmed for best at everything forever.
Praise based VectorAnon

Anonymous 192972

Who's gonna post it over there?
I'm not doing it this time.

Anonymous 192974

Someone needs to fucking do it. Maybe it'll summon Nuke over here, and he'll write something for us.

Anonymous 193108

File: 1378685147088.png (1.13 MB, 5000x4982, Nightlight and Rosewood.png)

Anonymous 193924

File: 1378735091434.png (1.05 MB, 3459x5000, dracheke and canon.png)

New vector.

Anonymous 193953

Anonymous 194642

File: 1378769274925.png (2.16 MB, 5000x3125, speck wall.png)

Here's a new wallpaper of Speck.

Anonymous 194648

What the fuck.
I love it.


Posting pictures of Speck doesn't summon me, you know.
I'm like a quarter through with your guys' story though.

Anonymous 194906


Anonymous 195576

Anonymous 195648

Anonymous 195651

What is it?

Anonymous 195652

A box.

Anonymous 195653

A chair.

Anonymous 195727

Anonymous 195793

Kewl. Can't wait.

Anonymous 196508

Dat is hot.

Anonymous 196600

Who is blue hair?

Anonymous 196602


Anonymous 196714

File: 1378884773918.gif (37.61 KB, 510x320, Bat-Box.gif)

Anonymous 196939

File: 1378918385256.jpg (Spoiler Image,95.07 KB, 1011x1175, NukeBatHorse.jpg)

Nuke is a pretty pony

Anonymous 196987


Anonymous 197231

My heart can't take it.

Anonymous 197479

How would you guys feel if this is where we sent our future nsfw stuff? There can still be regular shit here, just porn also.

Anonymous 197492

File: 1378951840345.png (228.67 KB, 895x625, Batshy and angel.png)

Ooh, batpoon? I'd be happy to see it.

Rules-wise, this isn't a Mature-tagged thread. So if you want to post smut, please spoiler it.

Anonymous 198317

Go ahead.

Anonymous 198478

>you're now imagining fluttershy getting turned into a bat pony and having to kill her animals to survive

Anonymous 200662

How are you holding up?


It should be done today or tomorrow.
It's maybe 80, 85% done.

NukePone!Nukenlkekc 202455

I just dumped the story I wrote for you guys on /mlp/ so I guess I'll dump it again here for the anons that don't lurk there.

>Day Come On And Smile in Equestria.

>Princess Luna has just finished informing Twilight that one of her "children" was coming to stay in P0nyville for a little while.
>This was the most super wondrous exciting thing ever!
>Except the time you first met Twilight, of course.
>Or the time you were at the Grand Galloping Gala.
>Or the time you went to the Crystal Empire.
>Or all of those adventures you went on.
>Somep0ny's calling your name!
>A wide smile draws across your lips as you turn to the voice.
>Twilight looks quite grumpy as she speaks.
>"Did you get all of that?"
>Twilight had been passing on the information from Princess Luna for the past five minutes.
>But you quickly tuned it out because it was all booooriiiiiiing.
>With a smile and slight tilt of your head, you shrug at Twilight.
"Not a word of it!"
>All of your friends sigh in unison.
>Your very best, super amazing, super fast, and super talented friend Rainbow Dash puts a hoof on your shoulder.
>"Pinkie Pie. I'm going to be as brief and as nice as I can when I say, you really need to start paying attention."
>One very fancy, pristine pony nods in agreement as she speaks.
>"Yes, dear. This is very important, and we need to do our best to impress our guest."
>Applejack and Fluttershy nod in agreement as Twilight starts rambling once again.
>"So, we need a place for her to stay. I'd suggest the library, but it's a little cramped in here."
>"Ah'd like t'keep her on the farm, but y'know… Granny Smith and th'barn animals."
>"I'm scared of… I mean the animals are scared of…"
>Fluttershy trails off, as usual.
>Why's she always such a scaredy-pony?
>She needs to giggle at the ghostie.
>How many times have you sang that to her, anyway?
>You lost count somewhere around -
>That persistent smile of yours never fades or falters as you look back at Twilight.
>"Can she stay with you?"
>You furrow your brow and tilt your head.
"Well, I don't see why not. I'm going to be throwing her welcome-to-P0nyville party anyway!"
>Oh, you almost forgot!
>The party needs to be planned and set up!
>"Then it's settled. Princess Luna said our guest would be here sometime tomorrow morning."
"Then the party should be tomorrow at four!"
>All of your friends giggle as you start skipping around in circles, smiling all the while.

NukePone!Nukenlkekc 202456

>On arrival to Sugarcube Corner, you immediately start organizing and planning for the party.
>But that is incredibly short-lived.
>After all, you are the number one premiere party planning pink pony in all of P0nyville.
>And arguably, in all of Equestria.
>Mental checklist time.
>Balloons, check.
>Streamers, check.
>Party favors, check.
>Games, check.
>All that's really left is the food.
>But that needs to be done just before the party, so everything is nice and fresh.
>You ponder for a minute as you think of what kinds of treats a bat p0ny would like.
>Fluttershy might know.
>But her cottage was all the way across town, and it was getting late.
>Twilight would definitely know.
>But the library closed five minutes ago.
"She's your friend, Pinkie. She'd let you in past closing time."
>That was against the rules, and you knew it.
>Twilight almost never broke the rules, even for her friends.
>What a predicament you've gotten yourself in now, Pinkie.
>This was even worse than that time you made all of those clones.
>Okay, you were kind of exaggerating.
>Of course, you were within reason.
>The only bat ponies you knew were Princess Luna's guards, and they were really soft-spoken.
>They rarely smiled.
>It saddened you a little bit, but then you thought, maybe they were really happy on the inside and just didn't show it at work.
>Your left ear twitches as you hum a little tune and shuffle through your party folder.
>The front door of Sugarcube Corner opens as a purple unicorn walks in.
>You try to swivel in your chair, but twist too hard and fall out of it.
>Salvage the landing, Pinkie.
>You tap your front hooves together as Twilight shakes her head at you.
"Twilight Sparkle. I've been expecting you."
>"I know you have, Pinkie. You left the library before I could give you a list of things to make for the party."
"Yes, excellent."
>She rolls her eyes.
>She knows you have her exactly where you want her.
>"Well, anyways. It's a pretty short list, mostly just stuff with mangos, pineapples, and oranges."
>Mango lassis, pineapple upside down cakes, and chocolate orange muffins.
>"And, Princess Luna says she's really shy and reserved, so try not to make the party too… you know. Loud."
>Keep the party nice and quiet, alright.
>You can do that!
>Twilight bids you a good night as you get back to work on planning the party.
>This was going to be the most super fun fantabulous festive fiesta you've ever thrown!
>But it has to be quiet.

NukePone!Nukenlkekc 202458

>"Pinkie. Wake up."
>A hoof shoves into your shoulder.
"Come on, Gummy! Just five more minutes."
>The hoof pushes into you once again.
>"Darling, we're going to be late."
>That's not the same voice as the first one.
>And the hoof is more gentle.
>What kind of spooky witchcraft is this?!
>As you sit up, you realize you fell asleep at a table in Sugarcube Corner.
>And you drooled all over your party folder.
>That's par for the Pinkie Pie course.
>"Why's it always so hard to get her to wake up?"
>"I'm not sure, Rainbow Dash. But you mustn't be so brash when waking another pony."
>The blue and white ponies argue as you conjure a hot cup of coffee out of your mane.
>You have coffee stored in your mane, in case of early wake up calls.
>It's a blessing and a curse.
>You get coffee any time you want, and sometimes when you don't want it at all.
>Like the time all of the scalding hot coffee soaked into your mane.
>That was unpleasant, so you decided to start keeping it in a thermos.
>It was a little hard keeping the thermos from fall out of your mane, but it's all just so tangly and poofy that it practically holds itself in there.
>Rainbow Dash's face is mere inches from your own.
>You smile as wide as you can and tap her nose with yours.
>She recoils and blushes brightly.
>Rarity taps you on the shoulder.
>"We need to get to the train station. Our guest is going to be there soon."
>Ah, yes.
>Just the pony you were expecting to arrive today.
>The guest of honor.
>You tap your hooves together and grin as you turn in your chair.
>"You're planning something, aren't you?"
"I might be."
>Rainbow Dash finally stops blushing and rubbing her nose.
>"Pinkie, could you maybe TRY not to ruin everything?"
"Oh, puh-lease Dashie. When have I ever-"
>"I'm going to stop you right there."
>With that, you follow your friends out of Sugarcube Corner.
>Off to the train station!

NukePone!Nukenlkekc 202459

"Where are Applejack, Fluttershy, and Twilight?"
>Rarity sighs as you bounce in place on the platform.
>Rainbow Dash sits beside her on a bench.
>"Applejack had to tend to the farm, Fluttershy had an emergency with the animals, and Twilight…"
>Rarity nudges Rainbow Dash.
>"Egghead's been caught up in her books about bat ponies. You know how she gets."
>You sigh and roll your eyes.
"I keep telling her, she needs to get out and have fun some more. It's not like she can't afford the time! She isn't a princess or anything."
>The two ponies on the bench look at each other.
>Rainbow Dash looks back at you with a worried look on her face.
>"Pinkie. It's been two years since she was coronated, why are you still in denial of that?"
>You wave a hoof and dismiss her claims.
"Please, Dashie. Twilight's about as much of a princess as Fluttershy is a tree."
>Rarity daintily covers her mouth with a hoof and stifles a giggle.
>Rainbow Dash just slaps her face and sighs deeply.
>"Sure, Pinkie. Sure."
>You smile so wide that you close your eyes and stick your tongue out at Rainbow Dash.
>She was always so grumpy.
>Rarity holds a sign up as the train pulls into the station.
>You must not have heard it coming in.
>You didn't care, your new friend was about to step off that train…
>That's not a bat pony, silly Pinkie.
>Several ponies get off the train, but you don't see a single bat pony amongst them.
"Where is she?"
>Rainbow Dash hovers above the platform and looks around.
>"I don't know."
>You turn to see if she might have gotten off of one of the other cars, only to be met with two dull orange eyes staring into your own.
>You jump back and start screaming.
>She mirrors your action.
>Rarity and Rainbow Dash rush over to you and calm you and the bat pony down.
>"Terribly sorry, darling. Pinkie Pie is quite excitable."
>"I-it's alright, I'm used to this."
>You swallow hard and blush as Rainbow Dash moves in front of you to block your view of the bat pony.
>"Pinkie, you need to apologize."
"I was going to, until you RUDELY stepped in front of me!"
>The rainbow pegasus squints at you.
>"Then get to it."
>That sounded kind of mean.
>You flatten your ears and walk around Rainbow Dash.
>The bat pony looks up at you and lowers her ears.
>"I'm sorry for scaring you, Pinkie Pie."
"Y-yeah. I'm sorry too."

NukePone!Nukenlkekc 202460

>Today was starting out fairly bad.
>You've managed to be nearly late to the train station.
>You've managed to scare your guest.
>Well, it could definitely be worse.
>A dragon could attack P0nyville.
>Just as that thought leaves your mind, you look up to the sky.
>No dragons.
>Good, you have a party to throw later.
>"Pinkie, do you think you could be a dear and take care of Speck for the day? I have business to attend to at the boutique."
>"Yeah, and I have to get my flying practice in."
>You look past Rarity and notice the bat pony sitting on one of the benches.
"Did you ask if she wanted to go fly with you?"
>"Yeah. She said she'd rather see the town. Can you give her the grand tour?"
"Okie dokie lokie."
>You smile and bounce away from your friends and towards your new friend.
>She looks up at you and smiles as you approach.
"Hi! Rarity and Rainbow Dash had some stuff they had to go do, so they left me in charge of your tour!"
>She blinks as you tilt your head and smile.
>But that smile slowly fades as she just stares at you.
"Wh-where do you want to go first?"
>"I'm not sure. Princess Luna told me I was supposed to be meeting Princess Twilight?"
"Oh please, Twilight's going to be at the party later. You can meet her then!"
>She looks away from you and groans.
>"I'm not really a fan of large gatherings with new ponies."
"You… don't hate parties do you?"
>She hops off of the bench and sighs as she walks past you.
>You quickly trot to her side.
>"No, no. Not when it's other ponies that I know, but… I don't really know anyone here."
"Well, I'm Pinkie Pie, and you've already met Rarity and Rainbow Dash! That's three ponies!"
>"I guess you have a point. Are we going to meet anyone else?"
>You start bouncing as you and your new friend trot into town.

NukePone!Nukenlkekc 202461

>The party!
>You still need to make all of the treats!
>Speck tilts her head and stares at you as you start furiously tapping the ground with your hooves.
>"Are you okay, Pinkie Pie?"
"No! I forgot that I have to bake all of the treats for the party!"
>"Do you want any help? I used to help my mom bake all the time."
>You start to hyperventilate, looking around for any possible answer to your predicament.
>Speck needed to be shown the town, and you needed to get baking.
>"Pinkie Pie. I can help you bake if you need me to."
>You start to whine as you spot Applejack carrying a large cart of Apples through town.
>Dragging Speck along with you, you rush over to Applejack.
>"Well, howdy there. Is this the bat pony we're all supposed t'be welcomin'?"
>Applejack puts a hoof under your chin as you start nodding frantically.
>"What's wrong this time, Pinkie?"
"I forgot I have to bake for the party!"
>"I already told her I'd help."
"You can't help! You have to go on your tour!"
>Applejack puts a hoof on your shoulder and smiles.
>"Sugarcube, she's gonna be here for a few days. Y'all don't have t'worry about the tour."
>Your eyes water as you sniffle.
>"No buts, Pinkie. She'd be more'n happy t'help ya bake for th'party."
>You turn to Speck and smile softly.
"Would you, really?"
>"I already said I would."
>You leap into the air and fire off your emergency confetti, which is conveniently stored in your mane.
>In case of confetti emergencies, of course.
>"Well then, y'all better be off then. Oh, and here. A welcomin' gift from the Apple family."
>Applejack gives Speck half a dozen of her brightest, reddest apples.
>"Thank you. I'm Speck, by the way. Nice to meet you.
>"I'm Applejack, and likewise. I'll see y'all at the party later. Gotta sell these apples."
>Applejack waves as she trots off with her cart.
"That's four ponies you know now!"
>Speck chuckles nervously.
>"Who haven't I met yet?"
"Well! There's Mr. Cake, Mrs. Cake, Pumpkin Cake, Pound Cake, Fluttershy, Twilight Sparkle, Lyra, Bon Bon, Vinyl Scratch-"
>She shoves a hoof over your mouth and slowly shakes her head as her eyes lock with yours.
>"Please. I have a feeling you're about to name the entire town."
>You nod.
>She sighs and lowers her head, ears drooping.
>"That's really unnecessary."
"Sooorryyyyy. I just get super duper excited when my new friends meet all of my other friends and they become friends and-"
>Her hoof slips into your mouth.
>You whisper a soft and muffled "okay."
>"Thank you."

NukePone!Nukenlkekc 202462

>A loud pop sounds as she takes her hoof out of your mouth.
>With a drop of her jaw and a raise of an eyebrow, she stares at you in shock.
>"It's better not to ask, with that one."
>A light blue unicorn with a cape walks by.
>You wave frantically at her.
"Hi Trixie! Bye Trixie! Make sure to come to the party later!"
>"I'll make sure to be there, Pinkie Pie."
"Well, time to get baking!"
>"Who was that?"
>Speck follows you as you start to bounce in the direction of Sugarcube Corner.
"That was Trixie. She's a magician!"
>"Is she going to perform at the party?"
>You giggle and fall over onto your side.
"Oh, that's rich! Trixie hasn't performed in town in over three years!"
>"Why not?"
>Standing up, you wipe your tears off of your cheeks and out of your eyes.
"Long story short, she was a bit of a meanie-pants to a lot of ponies in town."
>She hums softly as you begin your trek to Sugarcube Corner.
>"So you just let her stay here? Has she caused any more trouble?"
"Not really. But, you know what they say! Friendship is magic!"
>She stops just as you reach the front steps of Sugarcube Corner.
>"Who's "they"?"
>You shrug and trot up the stairs and into your place of work.
>The smell of fresh cookies and cupcakes and pies hit your nostrils.
>"Oh, wow. It smells absolutely amazing in here!"
>Her eyes close as she takes the smell in, a wide smile forming on her face.
>"Do you live here?"
"Mhm! Upstairs in the attic! Or, well. The giant cupcake attic!"
>"Pinkie? Is that you? Could you be a dear and come into the kitchen? I need a little help!"
>Oh, of course!
>You completely forgot Mrs. Cake was restocking the bakery today.
"Come on Speck!"
>She rushes past you as she follows the smell of fresh baked treats into the kitchen.
>You follow closely behind her.
>"Oh! Well, who's your friend, Pinkie?"
"Royal guest! She's going to be staying with us for a few days while she… Why are you here?"
>"First, I'm not royalty. Second, didn't Princess Luna tell you?"
>You snort as you laugh.
"Well duh, of course she did! Well, actually. She told Twilight, but she always rambles and talks and talks and I never listen to her!"
>She slaps a hoof to her face as you grin.
>Mrs. Cake does the same.
>"Anyways, Princess Luna actually forced me to come here because I've been "lonely" and "need to make friends"."
>She actually makes air-quotations with her hooves.
>You thought you were the only one that did that.

NukePone!Nukenlkekc 202463

>"Pinkie? Do you think you and your friend could ice those cakes on the counter?"
"Okie dokie lokie!"
>You bounce over to the counter and pick up a spatula in your mouth.
>"Pinkie? I've never iced a cake before."
"Oh! It's easy, just remember: no matter what you do, it's always going to be absolutely perfect, because you did it, and that's all that matters."
>Your constant smile fades for a second as you whisper to yourself.
"You just have to believe in yourself, because you're absolutely wonderful."
>Speck tilts her head as she notices your smile fade.
>"Are you okay?"
>With a quick bounce and giggle, you slap a large amount of cake icing onto the cake in front of you.
"Of course! I'm always feeling positively Pinkie keen!"
>"I think there's more to you, Pinkie."
>Her words catch your attention midway through smoothing the icing over the cake.
"Well, of course there is, silly! I'm not just some two-dimensional black and white pony!"
>She giggles and smears icing over her cake.
>It looks awful, from a professional's perspective.
>But your own words have you entirely convinced that no pony can do anything wrong if they at least try.
>She giggles to herself and smiles wider than you've seen her smile all day.
>Until she looks over at your cake, which causes her to frown and her ears to droop.
>"My cake looks terrible."
"Of course not, silly! It looks perfectly you! Remember what I said, Speck."
>"No matter what I do, it's going to be perfect, because I did it."
>You grin and tap her on the nose with your spatula.
"Looks like you hit the nail on the head! Or, should I say, the ball with a bat!"
>She stops what she's doing and stares at you, icing smeared over her nose.
>"That doesn't make any sense."
"You hit the ball. With a bat. Because you're a bat pony."
>"That is such a bat pun."
>You gasp and drop your spatula on the counter.
>Oh, she's good.
>"Did I say somefang wrong?"
>With another gasp, you begin tapping your hooves against the floor.
>She likes puns!
>She taps you on the nose with her spatula and smears icing on your muzzle.
>"Now we're even."

NukePone!Nukenlkekc 202464

>After several hours of baking together, you and Speck finally look up at the clock that hangs in the kitchen.
>One o' clock.
>"Well, we definitely made good time. When's the party?"
"Four! I can take you on your tour now, if you want!"
>She smiles and nods.
>"Yeah. I'd like that."
"Hmmm. Where should we go first?"
>You tap a hoof on your chin.
"We could go see Fluttershy! Oh, but she's taking care of her animals…"
>"I'm not very good around animals."
"Oh. Wanna go see if Rarity's busy? I'm sure she'd love to give you a makeover!"
>"Sure, that could be fun!"
>You bounce around with glee at her answer.
"Well then, let's go!"
>"Why are you standing on my back?"
>Looking down, you find that you stopped bouncing after landing on her back.
>Mrs. Cake walks through the kitchen just as Speck asks her question.
>"Don't question it, dearie. Pinkie is what Pinkie does."
>Speck tilts her head back and looks up at you.
>"Can you get down?"
"Whoopsie! Sorry!"
>You hop down and start to trot out of the bakery with your new bat friend in tow.
>"So, Rarity. She's the white unicorn, right?"
>"What does she do?"
>Speck trots beside you as you lead her to Rarity's boutique.
"She's a dressmaker, but her special talent is finding gems. She uses the gems on her dresses."
>"Oooh. No wonder she looked so fancy and regal."
"Oh, no! That's just how she always looks!"
>Speck starts looking at your legs as you bounce and hop on the way to the boutique.
>"Can I ask why you do that? And how?"
>You stop abruptly and stare ahead of you.
>The gears in your brain crank and turn as you furrow your brow.
"I… I'm not sure. I've always done it. It's just second nature!"
>With the final word, you bounce up and squee, a large grin overtaking your face.
>"You really are one of a kind, aren't you?"
"Yessiree, I'm the most one of a kind pony there is!"
>Speck tries to mimic your bouncing and hopping as the two of you continue on to Rarity's boutique.
>Poor little bat.
>She was never going to be able to do it.
>It made you giggle watching her try though!

NukePone!Nukenlkekc 202465

>The front door creaks open, causing a bell to chime through the building.
>"Just a minute!"
>The sound of a frantic unicorn reaching a good stopping point in her work could be heard from the front of the shop.
>Muffled "oof"s and "ow"s sound as she clambers out of her work room.
>"Oh! Pinkie! How's the tour going?"
"It just started."
>You say this with a bright and cheery smile.
>"Wh… What? Pinkie, I left you alone hours ago!"
>Rarity places a hoof on her forehead and sighs.
>"We were baking for the party. It was a lot of fun!"
>The unicorn looks at the bat pony with a raised eyebrow and a look of pure shock.
>"You… actually had fun baking with Pinkie Pie?"
>"Of course. She's really fun to be around."
>You blush and bat a hoof at her.
>Heh, bat puns.
"Oh, psh. I'm just doing what I love to do!"
>Rarity just stares at you in awe.
>"Well, I thought leaving the two of you alone would be a bad idea, but good to know I was wrong!"
>"Rarity! Could you hurry up out there? Standing here is getting a LITTLE BIT TIRING!"
>You gasp and jump up!
>Rainbow Dash was here too!
>How perfect!
>But Rarity stops you just as you start to drag Speck into her work room.
>"Bad idea, darling. Fluttershy's back there helping me sew some things and… you know how she gets."
"But she has to meet Speck!"
>"I can meet her at the party, you know."
>"Ah, ah. Pinkie, dear. It would be better if-"
>Absolutely not!
>You were taking Speck on a tour to see P0nyville and meet all of your friends!
>Fluttershy would just have to suck it up.
>With Speck in tow, you barge past Rarity into her work room.
>You find Rainbow Dash wearing a dress that isn't too snug, but isn't too loose.
>Little diamonds sparkle across the black fabric.
>"Wow! Pinkie, you were right! Her dresses ARE amazing!"
>"You flatter me, darling, really. But it isn't finished yet!"
>"Ugh, I wish it was. You KNOW how much I hate wearing dresses."
>Speck looks at Rarity and tilts her head.
>"Why are you making her wear it if it isn't hers?"
>"Well… It needs to have wing holes, and her proportions are very similar to the pony I'm making the dress for."
>You bounce over to Rainbow Dash and smile at her.
>She sighs and rolls her eyes as you make silly faces, trying to get her to move or laugh.
>Fluttershy stands beside her, Rainbow Dash's body blocking the view between her and Speck.
>She has several pins in her mouth and was concentrated solely on the dress.

NukePone!Nukenlkekc 202466

"Hi Fluttershy!"
>She drops the pins and nearly jumps out of her coat.
>"Oh! H-hi Pinkie Pie. You startled me."
"Sorry! I have somep0ny I want you to meet!"
>"Oh? Is it our guest?"
>You nod excitedly.
>"W-well. I guess I better meet her sooner, r-rather than later, right?"
>Fluttershy had, thankfully, been getting more and more acclimated to meeting new ponies without freaking out and fainting.
>Unfortunately, she didn't know any bat ponies.
>Not even Luna's guards.
>As a result, the exact moment that she looks around Rainbow Dash, she immediately turns and gets back to putting pins into the dress.
>"I-I'm not scared!"
>"Yes you are."
>Fluttershy glares at Rainbow Dash, who starts stomping her hooves in place.
>"Can you hurry up with the dress?"
>You trot away from the two pegasi before Fluttershy can respond.
"Uh, Rarity? I think Fluttershy needs your help."
>The unicorn sighs as you interrupt her and Speck.
>"Fine. The dress shouldn't be taking this long anyway!"
>She huffs and trots over to the pegasi, leaving you with Speck.
>"She's really nice. She was telling me about all of the dresses she made for the Grand Galloping Gala. I wish I could see them."
"Oh, yeah. She's really, really super nice. She makes our dresses for the Gala every year!"
>You and Speck turn to watch Rarity and Fluttershy get back to work on the dress.
>"We should probably leave them to it. Where to next?"
"We should probably go find Applejack. Hopefully she won't be at the farm."
>"Why not?"
"Well… Her granny's a little old-fashioned and doesn't take too kindly to… you know."
>"Bat ponies?"
>Rarity glares at you from across the room.
>Apparently she hadn't been doing anything to the dress the entire time you and Speck were talking.
>"If you two are absolutely insistent on speaking to one another whilst I work, I would kindly tell you that Applejack was here not long before you two arrived!"
"Did she say where she was going?"
>"As a matter of fact, she did. She said she was going to head over to the library to fetch Twilight and head to the party."
>Rainbow Dash stomps her hooves.
>"Rarity! Please, finish the dress!"
>"Oh, of course. Apologies, dear."
>The unicorn shoo's you out of the room so she can work in peace.
>"I didn't see Fluttershy in there."
"Oh, she was hiding."
>Speck follows you as you leave the boutique.
>"Hiding? Why?"
"Oh, she's a big scaredy pony. She used to be scared of her own shadow, but now it's really just new ponies."
>"Is it because I'm a bat pony?"
"No, no. She actually has a few bats at her cottage. It's just because she doesn't know you, really!"
>She shrugs and continues walking with you to the library.

NukePone!Nukenlkekc 202467

>As you approach the Twilight's library-house, you notice a little purple dragon sitting outside of the door.
>Applejack sits beside him.
"Hi Spike! Hi Applejack!"
>"Hey Pinkie, and uh…"
>"Howdy Pinkie. Howdy Speck."
"She's the bat pony Princess Luna sent here! And she's… uh…"
>You turn your head, only to find her cowering behind you.
>"Somethin' wrong?"
"Yeah, are you okay Speck?"
>She mutters something as she looks around you at Applejack.
>"Are y'all frightened of Spike?"
>Speck nods slowly, which causes Applejack to start laughing as Spike crosses his arms with a smug grin.
>"At least someone around here recognizes me as a ferocious dragon."
>You and Applejack laugh loud enough that Twilight pokes her head out of one of the windows higher up on the tree.
>"Spike! Would you keep it down out there?! I'm trying to study!"
>You, Speck, Applejack, and Spike all look up at the window.
>At this point, Twilight has realized that Spike is no longer alone outside of the library.
>"Oh! Pinkie! You brought Speck… I wasn't expecting you to be here so soon! Give me a minute and I'll be right down!"
>Exactly one minute later, the front door of the library opens.
>"Sorry girls, I was a little preoccupied with… Pinkie, why is Speck hiding behind you?"
>Twilight glares at Spike.
>"What did you do?"
>"I didn't do anything! She just started cowering behind Pinkie Pie as soon as she saw me."
>Applejack chuckles and nudges Spike.
>"It's 'cause he's a ferocious fire breathin' dragon. Ain't that right, Speck?"
>Speck mumbles something and hides her face in her hooves.
>Twilight flattens her ears as she approaches you and Speck.
>"Spike, go inside and clean the bedroom up."
>Applejack nudges Spike again and shakes her head.
>"Ah think y'all should get to it. Yer scarin' Speck."
>Spike grumbles and walks inside without another word.
>You just smile as wide as a mile.
>Applejack sits beside you as you turn to face Speck, Twilight already trying to calm the bat pony down.
>"Hey, Speck?"
>The bat pony squeeks and continues hiding her face.
>Applejack places a hoof on her shoulder and leans down, offering Speck a smile.
>"Now come on, sugarcube. There ain't nothin' t'be afraid of. Spike's just a little baby dragon."
>Speck starts to smile weakly as she moves her hooves from her face.
>"It's just… new things, I guess. I've never seen a dragon before, but I've read about how scary they can be."
>Twilight smiles as she brings a hoof up under Speck's chin.
>"There's no reason to be afraid. He's just a baby dragon."
>The bat pony nods slowly as you give her a tight hug from behind.
"Well, come on! We have a party to get to!"
>"Hang on Pinkie. I wanted to talk to Speck for a little while before the party."
>"Could we talk at Sugarcube Corner? We're going there anyway."
>"I suppose we could. Spike already knows when the party is, I guess he'll just show up around then."

NukePone!Nukenlkekc 202468

>With only two hours until the party, you, Applejack, Speck, and Twilight decide to start setting up.
>Twilight and Speck work close together, so Twilight can talk with her.
>You have no idea what it's about, since you're all the way across the room from them, tossing streamers and balloons everywhere.
>And preventing Applejack from sampling any of the treats too soon.
>She keeps eyeing those peach cupcakes Mr. Cake suggested you make.
>Silly Applejack, everyp0ny knows you only like apples.
>It might actually have been a bad idea to put her on tablecloth and snack duty.
>But oh well, Twilight and Speck were busy moving tables and chairs against the walls.
>"Hey, uh… Pinkie Pie? Would y'all mind if Ah just had one little nibble of a cupcake?"
>You turn to her and offer a wide grin.
"Of course I would, silly! You have to wait until the party starts just like everyp0ny else!"
>The apple farmer groans and flattens her ears.
>"Just one liiittle nibble?"
>She raises a hoof to you as she continues to plead.
>You tap her nose with a hoof and smile.
"Nope! You know the rules!"
>As you hop away from her, tossing streamers and confetti all over the room, Twilight beckons you over to her and Speck.
"Hey Twilight! Hey Speck! What's shakin'?"
>"Well, I know you weren't listening yesterday when I was telling everyp0ny what Luna told me."
>Implying you were listening right now.
>"And I just wanted to say that you've been doing an excellent job of making Speck feel welcome."
"Did you really doubt that I couldn't make anyp0ny feel welcome in P0nyville? Please, Twilight. Give me some credit."
>"So Princess Twilight, what exactly am I here for, anyway?"
>Princess Twilight.
>You chuckle softly and place a hoof on Speck's shoulder.
"Twilight isn't a princess, silly!"
>Speck stares at you with a very curious gaze.
>It makes you fall over and giggle.
>"You'll have to excuse her. She hasn't quite come around to the idea. Anyways, I thought Princess Luna told you?"
>"Kind of, I guess. I've been a little lonely lately, and I've never had many friends."
>You continue to giggle and snort over Speck thinking Twilight was a princess while they talk.
>"Yes, she said she sent you here to learn how to make friends. She said you were really lonely back in Hollow Shades."
>Speck looks away from Twilight and catches your eye as you finally calm down.
>"But, I can tell that Pinkie here has really helped you."
>The bat pony gives you a very sincere, very cheerful smile as she nods.
>"She has, but I don't think I'm ready to go back yet. Maybe a little more time here would be beneficial."
>"Fair enough. We did plan to have you here for at least several days."

NukePone!Nukenlkekc 202469

>You hop up and hug Speck around the neck.
"You even get to stay in the giant cupcake with me! It's going to be the bestest best sleepover in the history of sleepovers!"
>"I've never been to a sleepover before."
>"Oh, well in that case I should run to the library and get my copy of 'Slumber 101: All You Ever Wanted to Know About Slumber Parties But Were Afraid to Ask'."
"Twilight, please. I know how to handle slumber parties. They ARE parties, after all!"
>Twilight just rolls her eyes at you.
>"Well, if I'm staying in the cupcake, do you think you could show me how to get up there? I've been carrying my bags with me all day."
"Oh, have you? Heehee, I guess I never noticed!"
>You really hadn't, and it was probably because she only had two saddle bags slung over her back.
>She must not have known she'd be staying here very long.
"Actually, let me just take your bags upstairs. We're almost done setting up for the party and the guests should be arriving soon! Wouldn't want you to miss meeting all of them!"
>Speck jerks away from you as you reach for her bags.
>Her dull orange eyes pierce your very own.
>Oooh, spooky.
>"I-I'd actually like to take them up myself."
"Okie dokie lokie! In that case, just head up the stairs, to the right, at the end of the hall and to the left! There's a spiral staircase that leads right up into the cupcake!"
>"Thanks, Pinkie."
"No problemo!"
>The bat pony offers you and Twilight a weak smile as she trots up the stairs.
>"Well that was a little weird."
"Everyp0ny's a little weird, Twilight."
>"Uh-huh. Well, let's finish setting things up, shall we?"

NukePone!Nukenlkekc 202470

>As time passes, you, Applejack, and Twilight, soon accompanied by Rarity, Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash, finish setting the party up.
>And just in time, at exactly four o'clock, p0nies from all over town start trickling into the bakery and begin mingling and taking part in the games.
>They talk amongst each other, and it seems that all is going well for a party.
>That is, until Twilight approaches you not long after you start hearing whispers of who the party is for.
>"Pinkie Pie? I haven't seen Speck since she went up to your room earlier."
>You shrug and look around.
"She's probably just trying to psyche herself up for the party!"
>"Can you take Rarity and Fluttershy and go check on her? Rarity mentioned something about having a gift."
"Okie dokie lokie!"
>You take your leave of Twilight and search for the white unicorn and yellow pegasus.
>It doesn't take long to find Fluttershy, at least.
>As usual, she sits in the corner of the room, all alone at one of the tables.
>"H-Hello Pinkie."
"Hi Fluttershy! Twilight wants me, you, and Rarity to go find Speck!"
>"Oh my. I c-can't, Pinkie. I'm sorry."
>She looks away from you and bites her lip.
"Oh come on! She isn't anything to be afraid of, Fluttershy. She's really nice!"
>"Darling, is everything alright?"
>Oh Universe.
>You're such a pal.
>Turning to Rarity, you nod your head towards the stairs.
"Twilight wants us to look for Speck."
>"I was wondering why I haven't seen her. Is she afraid of parties?"
"I'm not sure."
>"W-well, if she's anything l-like a normal bat pony, she should be asleep."
>You raise your eyebrow.
"She's been awake all day, silly!"
>"Well, in th-that case she's probably just trying not to come off as… strange."
>Fluttershy squeaks and hides her face in her hooves.
>"Come on, Fluttershy. We absolutely must go look for our guest!"
>The pegasus mutters and whines as Rarity uses her magic to lift her out of her seat.
>You bounce beside the two as Rarity leads the way through the crowd and upstairs.
>But after walking down the hall, taking left, and ascending the spiral stairs, you find no sign of the bat pony in your cupcake.
"Her bags are here, but I don't see her. Do you think she wanted to play hide and seek?!"
>You look up at the ceiling, and down at the floor.
>Rarity just sighs.
>"No, I don't think she did."
>"M-maybe she's just… sleeping?"
>Fluttershy tries to dart out of the room as she finishes her sentence, but Rarity catches her with magic once more.
"Hmmm. Maybe she's hiding in the crowd downstairs!"
>You hop back downstairs with Rarity in tow, but stop just outside of the bathroom.
>Rarity bumps into your backside as you stop.
>"Pinkie Pie! Please, give us a warning when you're going to stop so abruptly!"
"No, shhh!"
>You point at the door and press an ear to it.
>Rarity does the same, while Fluttershy just tries to tip-toe away.
>The unicorn does nothing to stop her this time, and just listens intently to the sobs that come from inside.

NukePone!Nukenlkekc 202471

>"What do we do?"
>You tap your chin with a hoof and look up at the door.
>Rarity grabs your hoof as you reach up and try to knock on the door.
>"Pinkie! You can't just knock on the door when somep0ny's crying!"
"Well, why not?"
>"It's rude!"
>"You know what else is rude? Talking about somep0ny outside of the bathroom when they're crying."
>Rarity gasps and nearly faints as she turns and notices Speck standing with the door open.
>You flatten your ears and quickly grab Speck in a big hug.
"You can't be sad today! Especially now! You have a party to get to, and so many p0nies showed up and they all want to meet you!"
>"No, no. I'm not sad, it's just that… none of you really know me, and you're going through all of this trouble to make me feel welcome."
>"Darling. It's a simple party, Pinkie Pie does this for every new p0ny that walks into P0nyville."
"Yeah! I just want everyp0ny to feel super happy all the time! It's my special talent!"
>Rarity perks up and smiles as she suddenly remembers something.
>"I will be back momentarily! I left something downstairs."
>The unicorn rushes back downstairs, leaving you with the bat pony.
>You just grin at her until she starts smiling.
>Her tear stained cheeks turn up with her lips as she catches a case of the smiles.
"So, now that you're smiling and not crying, we can get on with the party!"
>"But what about Rarity? She said she'd be right back."
"Oh, fine. But you're going to enjoy the party after this!"
>And so you waited for her to get back.
>Speck just sat in the doorway of the bathroom, not speaking another word.
>After a grueling two whole minutes of tapping your hooves on the floor, Rarity finally bounded up the stairs with a little gift-wrapped box.
>"Sorry it took so long. The crowd down there is positively massive!"
"Oooh! Can we go back down there yet?!"
>"Not yet, darling. First, I'd like to give Speck a little gift."
>The unicorn trots up to the bat pony and sets the box down in front of her, releasing it from her magic grip.
>Speck's eyes widen as she looks down at the box.
>Her eyes water as she opens the box, threatening to cry again.
>"Go on. Try it on."
>Rarity levitates one black dress flecked with diamonds out of the box.
>"It's beautiful… Why didn't you tell me it was for me? I would've let you use me to size it!"
>"It wouldn't have been as much of a surprise, but SOMEP0NY decided to barge into my workshop! I can measure a pony up just by looking at them, anyway, so it wouldn't have been necessary."
>Speck sits on her haunches and looks at the dress.
>"I love it! Thank you, so much."
>She smiles at Rarity, who quickly shoves the bat pony back into the bathroom.
>"Hurry up and put it on, darling. We have a party to get to!"
"Yeah, come on! The party's almost in full swing by the sounds of it!"

NukePone!Nukenlkekc 202472

>Moments later, the bat pony returns from her venture in putting her new dress on.
>Her messy dark-turquoise mane and dull orange eyes are brought out by the dress.
>Rarity hums and taps her chin with a hoof.
>She levitates a hairband out of the box and affixes it to Speck's mane.
>The sky-blue band stands out among her mane.
>A cute little bat hangs on it, just beside her ear.
>"There we are! It's so simple, yet… so perfect. I must say, I've really outdone myself on this one!"
>Speck smiles as she looks over the dress.
>"It is perfect. Thank you, so much Rarity."
>"Yes, Pinkie. Speck? If you're ready, the party does await its guest of honor!"
>She nods and blushes a little bit.
>You grin and hop toward the stairs with both of your friends in tow.
>Some of the party-goers start to stare at Speck as she trots behind you.
>Everyp0ny in the room quiets down as you and Rarity sit on either side of the bat pony.
>Rarity clears her throat as she begins to speak, but you quickly cut her off.
"Everyp0ny, this is Speck! She's the guest of honor!"
>You hold your hooves up at Speck, who waves meekly.
>"Is that a bat pony?"
>"Are those fangs?"
>"I-is she going to drink our blood?"
>Speck raises a hoof as her lip starts quivering.
>"B-but I don't drink blood."
>You look over to Rarity, who just sits slack-jawed and mortified.
>But just before you can say anything to all of those rude ponies, Fluttershy hops up on the stairs and turns to face the crowd.
>"How dare all of you say such cruel things to an innocent pony! She's no different from any of us!"
>Applejack climbs onto the stairs and takes a seat in front of Speck.
>"Y'all should be ashamed of yerselves, insultin' such a sweet pony like that. Ah bet none a'y'all've even talked t'her!"
>Rainbow Dash hovers beside the stairs and just glares out at the crowd as Twilight finally approaches the steps.
>"Party's over. I want all of you out of here. Treating a royal guest like this? Really? I thought better of all of you."
>The ponies chatter amongst each other in surprise as they start to file out of the building.
"Aw! Party's over? Come on Twilight!"
>You frown and lower your ears.
>"Darling. It's not like we haven't had parties with just the six of us."
>Rainbow Dash flies out in front of the stairs and holds her arms out to her sides.
>"So? There's still food and games! Come on, let's have some fun… Hang on, where'd Speck go?"
>You turn your head and notice that the bat pony was strangely missing.
"Oh no."
>You rush up the stairs, leaving your friends behind.
>As you sprint into the cupcake-attic, you notice her bags are still on the floor.
>She's still here, somewhere.

NukePone!Nukenlkekc 202474

>A gentle breeze wafts through the room, as you look up at the open window.
>You rush up to it and look outside.
>A dark turquoise tail catches your attention as you look up.
>Closing the window as you climb out, so none of your friends would think to interrupt, you climb up onto the top of the cupcake and sit beside Speck.
>"Hey Pinkie."
>She brushes the side of a hoof over her eye.
"Why'd you leave? The party was just about to start."
>"I didn't want to listen to any of that. I can understand that I'm different, but I just can't listen to it."
"But we stuck up for you."
>She nods and sniffles.
>"I know. I left after Fluttershy finished speaking."
"Well it's over. Why don't you come down and we'll play some games and chow down on some treats?"
>"Can we just sit here for a little while? I'm not ready to face anyp0ny just yet."
>And so, you sat with the bat pony, watching the colors of the sky shift from their blues, to their oranges.
"You don't have any friends in Hollow shades, do you?"
>"Not really, no."
"Is that why you're awake during the day?"
>"Mhm. Usually, bat ponies ARE nocturnal, but we usually adapt to the sleep schedules of the ponies that we associate with the most."
"Neat! But… who would normally be awake during the day in a village of bat ponies?"
>"Tourists, mostly. I give day-tours of the town."
"Aren't the ponies scared of you?"
>"Not usually. The colts and fillies are, but most of the adults go to Hollow Shades expecting to see bat ponies."
>You look up at the sky as the sun starts to hang low in its path.
>The blues of the sky start to change into bright oranges.
>"I've always enjoyed watching the sun set."
>She smiles and spreads her wings.
>"We should get back downstairs."
"Yup! The others are probably still looking for us!"
>You and Speck hop down from the top of the cupcake and back through the window.
>Applejack stands with her back to you as she looks through your closet.
>"Not in here either. Hmmm. If Ah were a bat pony, where would Ah hide?"
>Speck presses a hoof to her lips and whispers a soft "shhh" as she starts to sneak up behind Applejack.
>The bat pony stops just behind the earth pony and waits.
>Applejack, after finishing her search through the closet, swiftly turns and comes face to face with the bat pony.
>The startled pony jumps back and hollers louder than you've ever heard her holler before.
>She falls back on her rump and holds a hoof to her chest, her breathing rapid.
>Four other ponies come running up the stairs and stop as they see Speck standing over Applejack.
>Speck looks up at them and waves a hoof as she starts to giggle.
>As Applejack's breathing finally slows, she starts to giggle as well.
>You trot up beside Speck and pat her on the shoulder.
>Rainbow Dash runs over and gives Speck a hi-hoof.
>Twilight and Rarity trot back downstairs, shaking their heads as Fluttershy follows them.
>"Good to know she's fitting in."

NukePone!Nukenlkekc 202475

"Well, come on girls! There's a party downstairs just waiting to be had!"
>You lead one pegasus, one earth pony, and one very happy bat pony downstairs and into the main room of Sugarcube Corner.
>One Alicorn, one unicorn, and another pegasus stood around chatting and playing games with each other.
>The festivities double as your group joined theirs, and all seven of you eating treat after treat and playing game after game.
>Each of your friends spent a good chunk of time with Speck.
>Fluttershy talked to her about bats, bat ponies, and different fruits.
>Twilight talked to her about Hollow Shades and what the other bat ponies were like.
>Rarity just fawned over how perfect Speck looks in the dress she made.
>Rainbow Dash just bragged about how fast she is, and keeps asking Speck how fast the average bat pony can fly.
>Applejack talked about the farm and all of the apples, and every single recipe she knew for them.
>Speck's smile never faded.
>That is, until Spike dropped by to give Twilight a letter from Princess Luna.
>But, her smile returned just as quickly as Twilight began to read the letter.
>"Dear Princess Twilight,
>I have noticed that the bat pony I've sent to stay with you has been significantly happier.
>I am not sure if you are aware, but each star in my night sky shines in representation of my ancient children.
>Speck, being one of those children, has a star of her very own, just as all of the bat ponies do.
>I'd like to thank you and your friends for cheering her up and helping that star to shine just as brightly as all of the others.
>Yours, for as long as the moon and the sun watch over Equestria,
>Princess Luna"
>"Well girls, we definitely did a good job."
>Rainbow Dash gives you a hi-hoof.
>"It WAS mostly Pinkie Pie."
>Twilight nods and gives you a big hug.
>"Yes, thank you so much for showing her around P0nyville."
>Speck smiles and nods.
>"Yeah, thank you Pinkie Pie."
>You and all of your friends converge on the bat pony and squeeze her in a big group hug.
>"Well, this big group hug is nice and all, but we need to be in Canterlot tomorrow, Twilight."
>"Oh! Yes, of course, how could I have forgotten. I'll see you girls when we get back!"
>And so, you and Speck started saying your farewells to the rest of your friends as each one of them started to leave.
>Soon enough, only you and the bat pony were left.
>Upon looking outside, you realize how late it was.
>The moon was already making its way through the sky.
"There's still more to do, though! The party might be over, but the sleepover is just star-"
>A yawn cuts you off.
>Speck chuckles and starts leading you upstairs.
>"No, I think it's time to sleep. We've had enough fun for the day, don't you think?"
"I guess. We're going to have more fun tomorrow, right?!"
>"Of course!"

NukePone!Nukenlkekc 202476

>Speck stands beside you as you both look at the bed.
>"It's your bed."
"Well, you're the guest!"
>"I can sleep on the ceiling."
"Isn't that uncomfortable?"
>"Not really. I'm pretty u-"
>You cut her off as you headbutt her onto the bed.
>She lands with a soft "pomf" and rolls over to look at you.
>"Okay, fine. But where are you going to sleep?"
"In the bed, duh! It's not like it'd be weird or anything."
>You hop in bed beside her and pull the covers up to your neck.
"Well, good night!"
>"Good night, Pinkie Pie."
>Speck rolls over and faces the window as she covers herself with your quilt.
>You clap your hooves together to shut the lights in the room off.
>"Thanks again. For being my friend."
"It's no problem, silly! I'm friends with everyp0ny!"
>The soft snoring coming from behind you tells you that Speck finally fell asleep.
>You roll over and smile as the moonlight seeps in through your window and illuminates her form.
>As hard as it is to resist, you scoot closer to her and wrap your forelegs around her in a tight embrace.
"I know how hard it is to be alone, but you just need to remember that you were destined to be with your friends from the very beginning."
>Letting go of her and rolling back over, you close your eyes and smile.
"Somep0ny, somewhere, will value you more than anything, and they'll love you forever. You just have to be patient."
>Your words trail off as you finish talking to yourself, the warm embrace of a nightly rest finally taking you.

Hope you guys enjoy it.

Vito 205004


Nuke, you've killed all of them


That feel when this story was so good, that everyone just quit everything.
Not really, this was shit.

Anonymous 207603

Well, I want to get into this now.

Where do I start?

Anonymous 207606

Read stories in the OP.

Anonymous 208078

Hell yes. Worth every second.

Anonymous 208881



Anonymous 208882

All of them.
Especially Nuke's

BatDesu 209411

The AFO (A feeling of) series is a great place to start! Beware the feels.

Vinny 218077

File: 1380402689591.png (652.4 KB, 5053x5600, Mango Punch CM.png)

Mango Punch CM, image too large for 4chan

Vinny 218409

File: 1380423573590.png (164.99 KB, 1280x847, Ican'tbelieveit'snotbuttrape!.…)


Anonymous 218424

File: 1380424451041.png (9.91 KB, 556x224, 1353294156930.png)

God damn it, why it's not a gif

Anonymous 218493

oh my~

Anonymous 218502

>Hekesuh came
>Aux in the middle
>dat fresh Mango Punch Cutie Mark

linedponuthole 218510

nope anon he is my waifu

Anonymous 218513

well hats off to you sir! your waifu draws awesome horsecocks

Anonymous 218523

got a pic of the mango bat? dont think i have seen him before

Anonymous 218524

File: 1380428899736.png (591.42 KB, 2000x1545, Mango Punch.png)

Anonymous 218656

File: 1380447562510.png (254.8 KB, 840x951, 207871fa6f5cafd48c4eebfb6347ab…)

This is what a sexy male bat-pony looks like.

Anonymous 218672

File: 1380453849574.png (238.95 KB, 1024x1116, Trapbat.png)

nope, this is far sexier

Anonymous 218758


real stallion

Anonymous 218860

>not wanting both

You filthy casual

Anonymous 219100

What's their name? Do they have or are in a story? What's their personality? I'll draw something with them tomorrow.

Anonymous 219740

im actually unsure about the first one.

I think the androgynous looking one was called Lily or something, and was a total shy beta bat. Cant remember if they were in a story or not

Anonymous 220993

i would love to see more trap bat

Anonymous 221031

40+ hours and still no details on them. Should I just draw them violently buttloving each other?

Anonymous 221033

do eet

the girly looking on on bottom of course

Anonymous 221036

File: 1380636207328.png (360.82 KB, 687x700, Florence Maid.png)

im liking that idea

and the bottom should totally be dressed like pic related heh

Anonymous 221057

cant go wrong with buttfucking

Anonymous 221074

File: 1380643576240.png (1.12 MB, 1031x580, freddy.png)

Anonymous 221263

File: 1380662667241.jpg (467.11 KB, 968x1296, f15ab5c7c6723b84c68bab3ff96fce…)

it's the guy from Fourcannon again
just thought I'd share this
no I did not draw it

Anonymous 221319

File: 1380664040744.gif (1.71 MB, 606x423, Doom paul.gif)

i know where you live~

Anonymous 221487


No, you don't.

Anonymous 221515

File: 1380672572030.png (Spoiler Image,231.03 KB, 951x696, 3fdb7fef3d7d1f0d411d04ae6352ed…)

Florence is concerned about you, anon, asking her to expose her rump like that.

Anonymous 221516

Anonymous 221518

Anonymous 221519

i'll pay you in pocket sand and childrens tears if you colour it

Anonymous 221521

>dat expertly drawn vag
>dat glorious horse cock

Jesus fuck you two should collaborate some time

Anonymous 221647

File: 1380682030769.jpg (Spoiler Image,115.34 KB, 1600x1200, Jasmine & Nightwatch1.jpg)

Never probably going to finish this.
>Nightwatch has no idea what she's about to lick.

Anonymous 221686

aww why nooot…

Anonymous 222025

File: 1380721939483.png (242.87 KB, 1523x2000, Specktacular sadness.png)

b-but… it looks really good

Anonymous 222163

File: 1380731532355.png (Spoiler Image,1.05 MB, 6667x5000, wip - I can't do this anymore.…)

Here is what I managed so far. Cutiemarks & wings missing. Derped hair for the effeminate one, and the eyes for the alpha bat.

I'm sorry guys but I can't go on. Work, and life in general finally took their toll on my nerves. I just can't go on any longer.
Random vector anon committing sudoku. It was nice knowing you and a shit experience working with people.

Nogitrov 222169

Please don't do it.

Anonymous 222184

Anonymous 222185

dont do it Anon!
we luv u!

Anonymous 226087


Totally Not Zee 229937

/mlp/ is kill

Anonymous 229941


Anonymous 230060

Totally Not Zee 230285

File: 1381523621249.gif (156.53 KB, 772x736, EEEEEEEEEEEEE.gif)

/mlp/ is kill


Anonymous 230609

File: 1381554017930.png (853.03 KB, 2051x1938, Broken family.png)

4chin is kill always
>tfw no bats because mlpchan is also kill

Anonymous 230641



Anonymous 231567

It's happening, anon.
Speck and Anon have a falling out and break up, leaving Sirocca in a broken home.

BasedShark 231648

>Be batpone
>see hooyman walking down street late at night
>It is a mare hooyman or whatever they call their mares
>Hooymans are weird
>Stare at hooyman
>Funny feelings being to surface
>Wat dis?
>You now has secret hooyman fetish
>You stare at hooymans alien chest tits
>A wild batpone erection appears
>Time for hooyman sexy tiems
>You confront da hooyman
"Bend over hooyman imma fuck wit my batpone dick"
>"u wot m8?"
>Hooyman then kicks you in the face
>"try that again m80 and I'll bash ur head in with a fokken rock, swear on me mum"
"B-but muh erection!"
>"Lol faget"
>Hooyman then walks away
>As you sat there with your patpone erection you realize something
>Dat hooyman must be ur one true love cuz she said more than just 5 words to you
>You will woo her in da ways of batpony love
>And you shall succeed for your name is Aux Tisim

Anonymous 231812

mlpchan needs more batponies

Anonymous 234676

Yes we do

Anonymous 235079

File: 1382190263545.png (82.15 KB, 638x355, whut.png)

they're decent waifu material, why not?

Anonymous 235122

File: 1382198259146.png (44.29 KB, 230x350, 402355__safe_solo_oc_blood_por…)

Anonymous 235198

File: 1382212208908.jpg (174.6 KB, 1236x1024, large.jpg)

Anonymous 235199

File: 1382212221692.png (180.29 KB, 817x1024, large.png)

Anonymous 235325

File: 1382227623911.gif (5.71 KB, 200x200, 1381954094018.gif)

Any good clopfics of this pone?

Anonymous 235328

I don't know, but I really like her eyes.

Anonymous 235329

File: 1382227951537.png (150.17 KB, 1024x1024, nightwatch sad.png)

Anonymous 235330

File: 1382228490279.png (135.24 KB, 620x804, 1369100840364.png)

Horny nd balling on a cocktail of a bunch of shit.

Fapfics pls ;_;

Anonymous 235331

Her name is Night Watch. Look her up.

Anonymous 236123

File: 1382396770380.png (1.05 MB, 3841x4852, nightwatch5.png)

I don't think there are any stories of her. Too bad, I really like her design.


all this time and i never noticed my drawing was in the op

Archer 236485

File: 1382452047636.png (Spoiler Image,253.98 KB, 900x659, smutence.png)


Now where's my pocket sand.

Anonymous 236502

File: 1382455560703.png (766.57 KB, 762x1042, 1382356557439.png)

Anonymous 236621

I want a pet batpone so I can enjoy playing sexually with him/her.

Anonymous 238009

Anonymous 238042

File: 1382678123621.png (243.68 KB, 600x429, 135926381566.png)

For someone who's just getting into this while suffering from short-term memory loss you have no idea how useful this is.

Anonymous 238176

File: 1382721051721.gif (227.38 KB, 466x322, pocket sand.gif)

Anonymous 238180

File: 1382721936608.png (180.29 KB, 817x1024, large.png)

>"I want to ravage you." -Night Watch
Yes, please!

Anonymous 238181

File: 1382722523298.png (Spoiler Image,871.75 KB, 1280x960, large.png)

Anonymous 239902

File: 1383082412730.gif (63.86 KB, 600x600, copy.gif)

I'm just going to leave this here.
You don't have to watch it, but….yeah.

Anonymous 241016

File: 1383262454801.jpg (2.06 MB, 5000x2378, Pull Spank.jpg)

Anonymous 241079

File: 1383268379147.jpg (Spoiler Image,124.13 KB, 1600x1200, Who.jpg)

So..apparantly the bat thread wants me to draw more smut, and I go two basic body sketches down. That's just one. So who should those bats be I'm drawing smut of?

If I get no answer I'm just going to make them Nightwatch.
Speck is off limits due to Nuke
None of the Fillies.

Anonymous 241083

Do Night Watch. She's prime smut-material anyway.

Anonymous 241090


Anonymous 241092



Anonymous 241094

Drunk Echo

Anonymous 241368


>smut in anonwhat'shisnumber's god-tier style

The world will never be the same.

Anonymous 241378

File: 1383304257482.png (1.28 MB, 2400x3300, 1376744362247.png)


Anonymous 244896

File: 1383866463838.jpg (Spoiler Image,102.98 KB, 1600x1200, Who.jpg)

Hey guys. I just wanted to say. I won't be able to do smut for a very long time in the bat threads due to my usb port breaking.

I have two, but only one fits my digital tablets so the other one is useless.

So I won't be able to draw, finish, & release smut.

This is the last thing I was doing for you guys before my usb port broke.

I should get a new laptop by december.
Btb who should this bat pony be when I get my new laptop?

Anonymous 245045

make it Florence or Heartbeat

Anonymous 246054


Would love higher resolutions of this

Vito 247820

File: 1384448974665.png (Spoiler Image,93.32 KB, 432x500, 472508__oc_explicit_nudity_pen…)

A23 247826

Vito I love yahoo mate expect some Rosewood here later on in the day.

Anonymous 247827

>hero worshipping and dicksucking even off of /mlp/
Stop it.

Anonymous 249944

File: 1384874213061.png (Spoiler Image,851.53 KB, 863x722, 1376622367977.png)

Anonymous 265914

File: 1386533990821.png (Spoiler Image,51.8 KB, 405x435, Tm2dbKA.png)


Anonymous 283075

File: 1388239312423.gif (319.37 KB, 870x724, batmageddon.gif)


Anonymous 289867

4chan ded again

Anonymous 297201

File: 1389475729818.jpg (Spoiler Image,100.18 KB, 640x480, 2014-01-11 13.47.39.jpg)

Bat smut.

Anonymous 297204

File: 1389476044467.jpg (Spoiler Image,100.58 KB, 640x480, 2014-01-11 13.43.55.jpg)

Got like one more image.

Anonymous 297206

File: 1389476159975.jpg (99.94 KB, 640x480, 2014-01-11 13.35.51.jpg)

And that's about it.

Anonymous 297207

File: 1389476273726.jpg (Spoiler Image,97.6 KB, 640x480, 2014-01-11 13.43.41.jpg)


Vito 298071


10/10 stuff, thanks for posting

Vito 321339

File: 1391350386023.png (1.85 MB, 5000x2741, bat and thirsters asleep.png)

Bumping with best bat ponies.

Anonymous 337818

File: 1392682437927.gif (2.99 MB, 1100x1323, Eeeeeee.gif)

Anonymous 338420

File: 1392706298003.png (617.85 KB, 5000x3613, 1367627837615.png)

God damn it, Pom Pom!

Anonymous 338551

I would fuck pom pom

Anonymous 340771

File: 1392990005189.png (572.79 KB, 2480x3000, gloomie stare.png)

who's your favorite bat?
and why is it gloomie?

Anonymous 340791

File: 1392998299595.png (131.78 KB, 800x825, Gloomy.png)

Cause she reminds me of when the bat threads wasn't a disgrace to /mlp/

Anonymous 340792

File: 1392998696834.png (82.21 KB, 492x789, dfsfs.png)

that's a perfect answer

Anonymous 345914

but what do the dots represent?

Anonymous 346137

File: 1393394536895.jpg (253.62 KB, 825x638, 6b156fd0081925f1ee6d0732680016…)

How many anon virginities she's snatched.

Anonymous 348619

File: 1393580820087.png (517.06 KB, 506x433, 1234245365476.png)

How are those guys doing these days?

Anonymous 348861

bat pony thread? slow, but still get some new content

Anonymous 359596

File: 1394548250866.png (2.93 MB, 3550x2130, Nightlight, Pokey and Rosewood…)

Anonymous 368058

File: 1395354473807.jpg (1.78 MB, 1920x1080, grab0019.jpg)

Anonymous 368059

File: 1395354517206.jpg (383.97 KB, 1920x1080, grab0020.jpg)

Anonymous 368111

File: 1395360552621.gif (3.9 MB, 400x225, Most Honorable.gif)

You playin' IL-2 1946 bro?

Anonymous 375745

File: 1396365282431.gif (294.52 KB, 578x750, EEeeEEeeEEeeEEee.gif)

Anonymous 377353

Late reply, but yes, I am.

Anonymous 383766

File: 1397429790861.jpg (138.23 KB, 579x570, f.jpg)

>tfw when you get banned from /mlp/

Anonymous 383783

File: 1397430857885.jpg (203.81 KB, 1280x1024, yes-man1.jpg)

>mfw my whole ISP is banned.
I couldn't accomplish anything with those fags anyway so no loss.
I have much more free time and I don't get angry anymore.

Anonymous 390941

File: 1398267044053.png (921.27 KB, 1024x768, nope.png)

Temporary bat camp!

Anonymous 390975

File: 1398268685886.png (131.78 KB, 800x825, Gloomy.png)

Back in mah day bat-ponies had wings

Anonymous 390979

File: 1398268787690.png (1.85 MB, 5000x2741, bat and thirsters asleep.png)

They have!

Anonymous 391017

>Drinks blood
>Can emit ultrasonic sound and use echo location
>Edgy-looking and stands out from the crowd
>Everyone keeps claiming that these horrible things are canon, despite the fact that they are NOTHING like Luna's guards
>Some even claim that "Luna created them and she loves them all :3"
>Nothing but one retarded headcanon after another
Why is this fanmade species a thing? Easy, because this batshit is nothing but crap that appeals to all the autists who wants special, snowflake OCs.

Anonymous 391034

I partly agree; the whole nonsense of vampires and shit is just stupid.
I do like the design as a whole, though. Part bat, part pony, and all. But it has been grabbed by autists a bit. Being a bat doesn't excuse, for instance, neon green hair.
I guess, than again, that happens with every species, though. Not that it is really an excuse, more of "can't judge them all because a few are bad", and all.

Anonymous 391073

File: 1398274431565.png (319.1 KB, 511x675, Shocked_Daisy_CROPPED_S2E15.pn…)

>neon green hair
>"oh noes, colorful ponies being colorful"

Anonymous 391118

Let's see if /anon/'a janitors clean this board like janitors on /mlp/.

Anonymous 391259

I wouldn't call that neon green.
regardless, complimentary colors are not hard to figure. Certainly isn't something you need a ton of practice to see. Too many folk make characters that are horrendously mixmatched.

As far as bat ponies go, I would say one should stick primarily with night type colors. Greys, blues, purples, that type of thing. Fits their theme better.

Anonymous 391277

File: 1398279129740.jpg (138.04 KB, 530x364, 683363732_1369779409.jpg)

>As far as bat ponies go, I would say one should stick primarily with night type colors. Greys, blues, purples, that type of thing. Fits their theme better.
We discussed it 5 months ago, people were tired of grey bats and blue/purple manes.

Anonymous 391297

File: 1398279511809.gif (2.99 MB, 1100x1323, Eeeeeee.gif)

Every bat poni has it's own story, we are not spamming them mindlessly.

Anonymous 391312

Eh. Tiredness doesn't right excuse poor color choice, but whatever.

!!Zecora 391409

File: 1398281602939.png (238.51 KB, 1600x1209, 1315494788119.png)

If you don't like bats, there's no need to pout.
If you don't like a general feel free to get out.

Anonymous 391431

No hope for that, he is shitposting bat thread every day since July.

Anonymous 401320

File: 1399600964057.png (959.86 KB, 3123x5000, Anon and his bathat.png)

Anonymous 419690

File: 1401410904324.jpg (260.48 KB, 720x663, Mosina and Russsian soldat.jpg)

Anonymous 424469

File: 1402079508605.jpg (Spoiler Image,312.29 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpg)

saved this 3 months ago
it's not in the archive so i'll post it here.

Anonymous 424479

File: 1402082448818.png (360.35 KB, 1240x1333, tumblr_mnks2plT4m1r7u9pzo1_128…)



>literally worse than Hitler and the kiss of death when it comes to the bathorse threads





Anonymous 424522

File: 1402098025941.png (205.52 KB, 1041x768, Deadlier than thou.png)

Because dat mane mayn.

Anonymous 425965

File: 1402278868326.png (1.44 MB, 3646x2320, Rosewood róże.png)

>implying Rosewood is not one of the best bat horses on /mlp/

Anonymous 425990

File: 1402279594601.jpeg (425.42 KB, 692x1024, large.jpeg)

Not even implying it, I am straight up saying it.

It was around that time one guy tried to force her down everybody's throat the bat threads turned to shit.

Were any sort or genuine criticism or input were shot down by shitposters crying hate/bad anon or something, i can't remember, i think they're doing *tips batdora* now or some shit.

Also they got like 50 bat ponies now with only like 1/3 of them actually having more than a oneshoot story.

There comes a time in every general's life were they need to ask themselves do you die a content producer, or do you live to see yourself becoming a meme-spouting cirklejerking cesspool?

Anonymous 426012

File: 1402280568755.png (83.98 KB, 900x861, 33.png)

>being that assmad
>using "they" after 150 threads of shitposting and tryng to "LLEE KILL BAT PONY THREED XDD"
>trying so hard to sound like a smart-ass, but failing- as always
>throwing shit at people because of "tru anonimity, i'm legun, mu opinions, tru fakts"

You know that you wasted eleven fucking months on… well, on what? "Killing" a thread by shitposting? Imposting? Stupidity? Whining? Telling everyone that you have a brain tumor and you want to suck Vito's cock? Well, that one was very desperate. The funniest thing is you are failing, even mods on 4chan keep deleting your posts.

Anonymous 426029

File: 1402280943623.png (479.06 KB, 907x736, soon.png)

I thought you were supposed to just ignore the trolls and shitposters?

Anonymous 426159

Posts like yours are why people are getting frustrated.
Are you unable to to distinguish between some mouthbreathing retard who has no life and cannot post without greentexting to save his life compared a legitimate, thought out post concerning the thread?
I see someone voicing their opinion while you've gone and deciphered it into something simple that any retard with half a brain could write.
Have we come to the point where any form of negative criticism is considered to be this "hateanon"?
I'm no fucking genius but the differences between
Are as clear as a cloudless day.
Now's the time where you ask me whats my contributions to the threads are and that I have no right to say anything.
Or you could also reply with a:

Anonymous 426382

stay mad, hateanon ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Anonymous 431884

File: 1403724666905.png (3.56 MB, 2876x3000, Good morning.png)

Anonymous 431887

She cute but still a shit.
I'm getting conflicted emotions.

Anonymous 439564

File: 1405271388812.gif (570 KB, 935x1000, Happy-birthday-bpg.gif)

Anonymous 442617

File: 1406218963833.gif (772.15 KB, 929x1000, Happy-birthday-Nightlight.gif)

Anonymous 442618

File: 1406218976677.gif (373.5 KB, 929x1000, Happy-birthday-Moonlight.gif)

Anonymous 442619

File: 1406218988084.gif (382.99 KB, 929x1000, Happy-birthday-Pull-Tab.gif)

Anonymous 445546

File: 1406930039638.gif (378.04 KB, 929x1000, Happy-birthday-Mosina.gif)

Anonymous 445547

File: 1406930053895.gif (392.24 KB, 929x1000, Happy-birthday-Rosewood.gif)

Anonymous 449635

File: 1408121186952.gif (450 KB, 929x1000, Carnelian-birthday.gif)

Anonymous 451399

File: 1408581202050.png (965.1 KB, 4488x4792, Moss Moon naughty butt nsfw.pn…)

Anonymous 451400

File: 1408581216950.png (903.82 KB, 4284x4792, Moss Moon shy butt nsfw.png)

Anonymous 451401

File: 1408581230599.png (613.8 KB, 3331x5000, Pom Pom sexy nsfw fix.png)

Anonymous 451403

File: 1408581243468.png (653.37 KB, 3331x5000, Pom Pom sexy 2 nsfw fix.png)

Anonymous 457220

File: 1410278865345.gif (128.54 KB, 450x400, Moss-Moon-butt-screw.gif)

Anonymous 464344

File: 1412376622266.gif (1.25 MB, 700x525, Rosewood-fingering-mango.gif)

Anonymous 468105

So much edgy autism in this thread.
You do know that it is canon that the batponies we've seen in the show - Luna's guards - do not have fangs, don't you? Or are you one of those fans of the fandom who only likes these bats because they are edgy-looking and stands out from the crowd?


I had the idea for a female bat pony named Dawn's End.


What if the bat ponies had a kingdom of their own?

Something like the Kingdom of Hibernaculum. :)


Must you be so rude?

I understand if you have a differing opinion, but there's no need for such insult.

Plus it was just and idea.


I picture Dawn's End having a silvery-gold or platinum coat with striking golden/amber, lilac, indigo or violet eyes, and a golden mane.


Why do you say that?


I'm thinking in terms of ancient, pre-equestria founding times. Like while the three tribes squabbled, the bat ponies were doing their own thing and may of had a kingdom of their own.


Well I fail to see why not.

Besides, it was just a suggestion. :P


What about it just seems awful to you?

I just don't understand your hostility towards the concept.


Do you know where could find some articles or essays on the subject, because I'm really interested in exploring the Thestrals. :)


I'm kind of new to this branch of the fandom, so cut me some slack.


Now there's no need for that.

I've just seen some instances where their referred to as Thestrals.

I don't mean any offense.


Must you be so harsh?

I don't understand your hostility.


I mean we're all friends here.


Well I'm sorry you feel that way.


I admire your enthusiasm and devotion.


Perhaps we can discuss my concept for Dawn's End?


Well I've told you of her physical description.

But I was think of her occupation and backstory.


In order to fit into the "accepted" cannon for the Bat Ponies, she hails from the Hallows but was rather reclusive thought most of her young life.


If I may... can I please tell you my original head cannon for her character with out being scolded?


Well originally she was supposed to have hailed from the ancient Bat Pony city-state of Hibernaculum in the far north during the pre-celestial era. At this time, the world was a extremely dynamic place as the three races competed with each other for land and recourses. The Bat Ponies held an uneasy alliance with the Pegasus Kingdoms, but they mostly kept to themselves as they did not like partaking in the bloody affairs of their neighbors. Dawn's End was supposed to be the daughter of a Bat Pony noble man. His youngest daughter in fact.


Please keep in mind that this could be part of an alternate timeline.


And you would suggest?


In addition, I do not see many clichés outside of her being the youngest daughter.


Well she is newly conceived.


Fair enough.


However, this does pertain to bigger picture. One that ties into the three races and their history.


For one, I had the idea that in ancient times, the Earthponies had a civilization similar to that of the dwarves of Erebor. Creating massive underground cities. However, a horrendous cataclysm struck and they were forced to abandon their ancient halls. Becoming the farmers we know today.


What if she was the mid-daughter?

Would that be less cliché?


I could easily see her filling the role of a nurturing older sister.


Perhaps she has two older siblings, one a strapping young stallion and a older sister who was married off to another noble house.


Let me think...


What I feel from this character of mine is someone who was born and nurtured as a flower but as time passed, that flower was engulfed in fire, a fire raging now to break out. Almost... predatory.


Your just a ray of sunshine aren't you?

She is kind and gentle to her friends and loved ones but for those who dare cross her, hell shall be there only sanctuary.


Well what would 'YOU' have?

Tell oh mister high and mighty.


You want me to make a list?

Ok, give me a second...


I don't like mary sues either ok.

Just give me a second here...


Headstrong, kind, loving, protective, rather brash at times, inquisitive.

How's that?


I'm not an amateur to writing you know. Non of my characters have been "mary sues"


I just conceived Dawn's End today. So I didn't have a lot of time to really focus on her with school and all.


Ok the, here: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/227962/the-draconequus-of-notre-mare

This is my current novel I'm working on.


Alright, I will. I even have a concept in mind that she could quite easily fit into.


I doubt you could have read the entire thing in that short a time to be able to criticize the novel.


Fifth grade my plot!

Now your really insulting me!


I'm pouring my heart into that story!

It first full length novel though.


Have you read anything by Disneyfanatic23?


Or perhaps the novel "The Opera Phantom Discord"?


Are you even a brony?


You know what? Buck it!

Is there anypony else with a kinder, more friendly attitude I could discuss this with?! Because your sir, your hostile attitude is one I can quite live without!


I came to this thread with and optimistic attitude thinking I could have a friendly conversation with a fellow fan member. But I was mistaken apparently.


I mean isn't love and tolerance the very foundation of the show!?



I am sorry we could not see eye to eye. I don't like hostilities and I'm very sorry we couldn't continue conversing in an appropriate manner.


And I'm 17 for crying out loud!


Very well I shall.

Good night to you sir.

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 476906

>being this spergastic about m-muh leejun, m-muh hate machine muh antitripfag

Anonymous 476907

Oh, sweet, driving off potential new blood to your stagnant subcommunity.

Lol you fucking fags deserve to die.

Anonymous 476908

File: 1416280505723.jpg (39.68 KB, 660x600, Fluttershy bat x Applejack.jpe…)

What's a batpony thread without a little bloodsucking?

Anonymous 476912

>mfw you don't even post in this thread or anywhere else here for that matter
Get the fuck out lol.

Vito!RosewdLvQs 476964

File: 1416344360848.png (1.5 MB, 5000x2724, Red Queen vs Nightlight.png)

Did I miss something?

Anonymous 482280

File: 1418006932594.png (991.29 KB, 3836x5462, Absinthe Lily and Dullahan hat…)

Anonymous 492551

Anonymous 499546

File: 1422845649357.png (552.51 KB, 2513x1574, Nightlight scan vector2.png)

Anonymous 509195

File: 1426085669811.png (341.76 KB, 1194x1152, Aquamarine, Jubilee and Whispe…)

Anonymous 514600

File: 1429023721914.png (1.78 MB, 5717x2796, Morning Star, Robinia and Acac…)

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