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File: 1426857557070.png (208.67 KB, 2000x1250, 97b3aad0520a010d5a0fbc0310dfb9…)

Papercraft Ponies Anonymous 510482[View]

Long ago I found the Ceiling Cat papercraft, but what I'd truly want is a Ceiling Molestia or a Ceiling Chrysalis. Does anyone here have the modeling skills to make them?

Any other good papercrafts are welcome as well.

File: 1426602307210.png (391.91 KB, 1000x1549, su.png)

Anonymous 510335[View]

SJW Steven Universe butthurt thread.
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Anonymous 510365

Yup, that's pretty much my opinion on the matter, not quite, but pretty close.

What really bothers me, and dare I say offends me, is this weird transfat tumblr shit. Fucking perfectly normal people that want to be fat, and try to gain weight and shit. That's fucking fucked up.

Anonymous 510370

Fat people are people too, and they're often good people who contribute successfully to society. A lot of circles seem to treat fat folks as subhuman waste, which clearly ain't cool.

It's bad to be fat. It's unhealthy and slows you down and it's almost always a curable result of poor choices. We should probably think of it like smoking. But you don't write a person off as worthless for smoking.

Anonymous 510413

File: 1426730396772.png (156.32 KB, 1466x2000, 247400__safe_twilight+sparkle_…)

Huh, a show about a bunch of strong, capable, independent women all flocking around a lazy, fat, beta male, and its fandom is full of SJWs???

Mind le blown!

File: 1425834988061.jpg (324.16 KB, 660x395, 150304+PONY+STILL+660.jpg)

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Anonymous 509440

File: 1426352571929.jpg (28.67 KB, 252x252, ZO24353_zippo_police_hero_ligh…)

Nah, it's existed under both parties. But useful idiots are willing to play the "it's fine as long as it targets the other party" game which only helps perpetuate it. tl;dr: You're part of the problem.

Anonymous 509468

Glad to see someone that shares that view on here. Its so frustrating trying to pull people out of the two party mindset so they can see the bigger picture.

Anonymous 510380

>On Thursday, the sheriff issued a statement outlining how the department is dealing with this case. It says: "I grew up with horses and livestock in Clackamas County, and understand their profound value. We offer our sincere condolences to the Fitzgerald family. As detailed in the report, a judgment call was made in the field to humanely euthanize the animal; ultimately, other actions could and should have been taken. We made a mistake. We have approached the family about exploring ways to make this as right as we can. And we are examining our own procedures when dealing with this sort of situation in the future."
Holy...shit. A police department admitting error? And without being legally coerced into it? While it doesn't make up for what happened, I have to give them credit for this. Too many PDs would stop at making some plausible excuse and then add a finding of no wrong-doing, if they addressed the complaint at all. If they admit error, they're opening themselves up to legal action against them. This does a lot to support their claim that the cop wasn't just a trigger-happy yokel and that they want to make things right as much as they're able to.

Well, I'm not exactly a regular here. But likewise, good to see there are others of similar mind around.

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Anonymous 496517

File: 1421998939905.png (748.17 KB, 677x714, 1410066640286.png)

Jesus christ, do people purposely try to make these things look bad?

What we really need is a mass-produced real pone product (you know, like real dolls.. except it's a pony).
Preferably a real looking pony.

Anonymous 510334

File: 1426601654934.png (430.01 KB, 451x451, twilight[1].png)


>Jesus christ, do people purposely try to make these things look bad?

That's what I've been asking myself. I mean, if you have the factory and the materials it shouldn't cost extra to give a single fuck, right?

Anyway, there's a reason for bumping this thread right now:




Anonymous 510345

>Size: 2m, 3m, 4m, 5m, 6m, or more
> Suits: advertising, games,events etc.
"Come buy cars from us! We're the dealership with the fifty foot inflatable anthropomorphic horse fuck toy out front!"

"Wow Sharlene, the decorations here at little Bobby's birthday party are so festive. The mlp blow up doll really ties it together."

File: 1426532740995.png (466.15 KB, 1018x658, post-27079-0-73500600-14053885…)

Anonymous 510286[View]

Why dost Thou reject my beauty
Why dost Thou deny the night
My twilight is full of wonder,
why must my art be absurd

?All these ponies wait in silence?
I will/can not endure much more
This will be the final day ,for tonight the Moon stays

If I'm not mistaken the song is called "Der Nacht" I can't bucking find the song anymore and it drives me bucking insane TT.TT If anyone knows what happened to it I would be very happy ,I also know that there is another song in the same channel with the song named Aegis Shield

Anonymous 510339

That's not enough information anon.

Anonymous 510344

File: 1426610944090.png (308.96 KB, 900x925, Aegis charge.png)

>Aegis Shield

File: 1426560640370.jpg (674.42 KB, 2400x1807, pleiades.jpg)

Anonymous 510320[View]

Oh no, not me. I never lost control. You're face to face with the man who sold the world.

>pic unrelated

File: 1425783840578.png (421.42 KB, 666x388, James Andres.PNG)

Anonymous 508429[View]

Brony artist James Tempest took his own life after a 2 year battle with depression

Rest in Peace

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Anonymous 510305

The reading comprehension here is horrible.

Anonymous 510313

Y-You too.

Anonymous 510316

You're totally wrong, its actually quite bad.

File: 1426144982666.jpg (69.65 KB, 800x405, oll.jpg)

Anonymous 509237[View]

Tell me, Anon, who would you rather be,

Handsome millionaire here on earth
Homeless earthpony with some really lame special talent there in Equestria

If #1 - let's say your bank account holds $500kk you are very popular with the ladies... or not ladies and life is awesome, though you can lose your money in a couple of years if you are an idiot. You can do whatever rich people do. You can buy stables, buy 6 horses name and color them as mane 6, fuck them all you want or you can hit on mane 6's voice cast if you feel like so.

if #2 - you have no job, no home, no wings, no horn. You had to go through others trash to find food. You might have 4,5/10 appearance if you were clean and did not smell bad. Though you probably might get your life back on tracks somehow and go meet everypony you ever wanted and maybe even more, but not today for sure, empty stomach won't fill itself with food...
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Anonymous 509405

This except I'd rather get food or money.
>go to Equestria
>suck all the dicks

Anonymous 509410

Totally go millionaire. Life in Equestria would get boring pretty quick, and I like my hands.

Anonymous 509782

File: 1426468999924.jpg (243.45 KB, 1191x670, get_a_load_of_this_guy_cam_by_…)

>giving a crap about losers

500kk is not that much to become jew

Was that your special talent that lead to being homeles, huh?

Because what could go wrong with letting homeless guy to suck your dick...

It sure will be boring if you would not be able to get out of homeless person lifecycle

File: 1426275592410.png (15.54 KB, 945x945, PinkieShrug.png)

Anonymous 509389[View]

If wearing diapers turns me on could that be considered a sex toy?

Anonymous 509412


Anonymous 509475

For legal purposes anything you are caught using for sex is a sex toy.

File: 1426211479861.png (112.68 KB, 686x936, 1426199112505.png)

Guardian overanalyzing the brony. Diamond!Tiara/Ut6s 509280[View]

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Anonymous 509424

I'm not saying "call yourself something that isn't brony."
I'm saying don't call yourself anything at all.

Watching a horse cartoon does not automatically mean you have to call yourself something because of it.

Anonymous 509425

Eh. I'm fine with it at this point. After co-founding a streaming site, and being a mod for at least one image board in the fandom over the last four years I think it's about time I accept that I'm not just a guy that watches the show. I do indeed engage in extracurricular shit, and the tag befits me.

Anonymous 509426

Whatever floats your boner, anon.

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Anonymous 509375

>What's the best song you have heard this year?

Good question.

I don't know.

Anonymous 509407

nice try trying to rickroll me but I didn't press play.

File: 1420266223188.gif (575.17 KB, 1080x1080, hypnopie_by_odooee-d6leo4e pin…)

Ponies and Drugs. Anonymous 489760[View]

Drugs thread?
Drugs Thread.
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Drug thread 504117

I love everyone posting in me

Anonymous 509377


There has got to be a better way to preserve stories and other segments of threads.

Then again making them a long narrow column like this means you can read them through without having to stop to scroll back up even on a smartphone.

Anonymous 509383

File: 1426270398219.jpg (792.81 KB, 2173x1674, psilocybin_pony_by_philo5-d5e0…)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xDSkbEDaB8&t=2m0s <- for those who aren't aware of this magnificent song.

File: 1424336917455.png (27.39 KB, 657x409, SJW tears.png)

Anonymous 504503[View]


What the hell, seriously. This shit happens all the time. Why would you be upset about it?
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Anonymous 509221

I disagree. I think the original nose is even shittier. Also, To make the new nose, I just shifted the large half of the old one over and deleted the big cavernous nostril.

Anonymous 509225

I think I'm going to turn that fluttershy into an astronaut.

Anonymous 509376

File: 1426266101673.gif (42.73 KB, 700x600, 559457__safe_solo_animated_sco…)

File: 1426000451474.png (525.25 KB, 2948x3093, twilight sparkle 3.png)

Twilight Sparkle 509141[View]

According to my studies, being gay is a choice.
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Anonymous 509253

i dont get it. is he making fun of neckbeard white knights defending girls in hopes they'll get laid being nice guys or... is he making fun of people who make sexist jokes?

Anonymous 509254

The latter.

File: 1426189733507.gif (1008.33 KB, 416x550, Ink.gif)

Anonymous 509256[View]

Its been 6 months and I still haven't received my prize for winning that banner contest last September.

Anthony pls.
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Anonymous 509275

He better get to it.

mobile 509276

A rarara plush or a pony shirt. I wanted to take the plush since the shirt would never fit me. I sent a couple emails trying to confirm a few details but I never got a response. Now the site is merging with ponychan and it looks like I'll lose marshmallow horse forever.

Anthony pls.

Anonymous 509277

File: 1426203793903.jpg (57.5 KB, 599x383, 39405638.jpg)

> the shirt would never fit me

lubie placki P: 509197[View]

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Anonymous 509203


>not liking pancakes AND waffles

>being this pleb

Anonymous 509220

File: 1426119660909.gif (2.88 MB, 352x196, co kurwa.gif)

>lubie placki

Anonymous 509255

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