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N40 495458[View][Last 50 Posts]

Ya es hora
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Anonymous 497748

Obvie, el se correra como 5 veces a cada escena, no lo comprendo

Anonymous 497751

File: 1422241231309.jpg (12.9 KB, 297x283, coco loco pommel.jpeg)

no quiero acabarlo quiero seguir viendo a la burra morir

N40 497752

File: 1421866739512.jpg (382.46 KB, 984x551, Screenshot_2015-01-21-07-33-02…)

Anonymous 496338[View]

Let it go let it go
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Kabelymous 496352

gonna butthurt, alot of anonyous mares

Anonymous 496429

Princess cadence and elsa rollerblading together what to do

Anonymous 496622

its not your fault

File: 1421176221812.jpg (105.9 KB, 957x711, erryday.jpg)

Anonymous 494422[View]

You wanna get high sometime /anon/?
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Anonymous 496577

File: 1422056782331.png (54.88 KB, 599x900, did i hurt your whore feelings…)

Anonymous 496578

File: 1422056838042.png (410.29 KB, 1280x720, ooga booga.png)

Anonymous 496584

File: 1422058255672.png (1.26 MB, 492x2737, 750054__pinkie+pie_comic_quest…)

The devil is trapped in my ipod Anonymous 496528[View]

Please help, I have used up over 500 gb on my iPod, but it keeps saying 6.66 gb
Image link : http://gyazo.com/9473797099025ebe8fa61102d9a000ec

Anonymous 496530

I'm not clicking that shit

File: 1421948961625.png (199.2 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_2015-01-19-01-13-52…)

Hola. Gonzalo Castillo García 496409[View]

Que cosas raras suben aquí en este Chan. Solo quise traerles un poco de cáncer visual.

Anonymous 496410

File: 1421949164602.png (117.56 KB, 389x400, 154214 - artist-quanno3 rarity…)

I'm sorry dear but I don't speak that dreadful taco language of yours.

Anonymous 496413

File: 1421955050854.png (258.31 KB, 437x600, sad Sonata.png)

File: 1421686762867.jpg (77.66 KB, 567x511, 1420127306345.jpg)

Happy MLK Day! Anonymous 496171[View]

Happy Martin Luther King Day /anon/!

What are you doing to show your respect for the African-American people?
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Anonymous 496399

Anonymous 496401

File: 1421913797975.jpg (116.11 KB, 480x455, 1372888347119.jpg)

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 509038

File: 1425951517973.webm (741.11 KB, 1280x720, 1425945506693.webm)

File: 1421114839641.jpg (18.38 KB, 400x400, 34691_359857274062183_30028807…)

Shit thread Anonymous 494357[View]

Dumb your shitty images here you piece of shit

Pony-related or not, i dont give a shit
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Anonymous 496322

File: 1421820985123.png (594.86 KB, 1000x800, large.png)


Anonymous 496324

File: 1421823015025.png (Spoiler Image,1.98 MB, 1123x1500, I CAN'T LET YOU DO THAT, SLASH…)

Anonymous 496373

File: 1421894134545.png (269.67 KB, 1041x1024, mtr_1408239131759.png)

I happened to be here.

File: 1421865709769.gif (352.65 KB, 250x250, DOIYP.gif)

Anonymous 496337[View]

So I dropped out the fandom shortly after the scuffening. I thought I was gone for good but I guess the ride really does never end.

I'm not sure why but decided to come back yesterday, /mlp/'s gone to shit now that mootykins has left but it seemed more or less the same as I remembered. Anyone care to fill me in on what I've missed?

Anonymous 496339

Well, welcome man, enjoy your stay for whatever reason you may find.

File: 1410647980716.jpg (14.64 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg)

Button's Mom Anonymous 458424[View]

Post greentext and pics of the mom.

u post them lolz.
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Anonymous 478846

>that feel when you're in the know enough to get the nerd reference but not so far down the rabbit hole you actually care about the thing in question

Anonymous 484931

le bump

Anonymous 496331

The Zam was here. Anthony is a loser.

File: 1421752344825.png (66.23 KB, 550x400, 780748__safe_pinkie+pie_pinkam…)

HELLO! NOTHING! Anonymous 496249[View]

Why does music on hold stop to announce that "we're busy and you're on hold" every five seconds? What possible purpose can breaking the music, the one thing meant to actually make the waiting bearable, with just FUCKING with the customer?

-We're busy, please wait.
*peaceful music star-
-Hello. You're on hold.
*peaceful music continu-
-Hello. We're still busy and you're still waiting.
*peacefull music is just fragm-
-Hello. You're on hold.

I'm asking it here because even Google couldn't answer that. Just WHY did anyone think this was a good idea, and why everyone keeps using it?

Anonymous 496250

I think you may have autism

Anonymous 496285

Maybe so you don't feel like you're forgotten about, or that you don't forget you are on the phone to begin with.
This one place I called didn't have the interruptions, I forgot I was on the phone after a while because I was just lost in the music.

Anonymous 496298

File: 1421788923453.jpg (37.84 KB, 500x500, My-Little-Pony-Universal-Porta…)

Because they're fucking sadists that's why. They're just trying to force your attention, to no benefit to them, only to your detriment, just because they value controlling others however pettily above even basic human decency.

Invest in a speaker phone, seriously. Anyone who still uses an automated phone responder these days and not like, email or something, you can pretty much assume they're going to be a psychopathic control freak. (The fact that almost every big business does this is very telling about the current economy.)

But, invest in a speaker phone.

File: 1391452781345.jpg (112.45 KB, 1024x753, dr_pinkie_and_miss_pie_by_assa…)

Pinkie and Mr Hyde Anonymous 322849[View]


Can somebody post this on /mlp/ and ask for porn? also give the thread a subject so it can be found easier.
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Anonymous 469960


Hell to your doorstep


I like the animation. But I feel musically, this is the weakest of the set so far.

Anonymous 496259


>Wants porn based on inkpotts

you mean there isn't any?

Anonymous 496296

...Anthony Warlow Jekyll Pinkie Pie is pretty hot. That vest and voice...

Bad Translator Anonymous 466005[View]

Because why not?
I'll start:
Original text:

"Hi! Gonna do a translation thread now. Be prepared."

...43 translations later, Yandex gives us:

"Hi!!!!! Ah, Yes, now, what means, it is ready to go."

The translation approves so let's go!
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Anonymous 491031

it's possible all that moisture would lead to yeast infections, though.

Anonymous 494438

Original text:

"Get on with it!"

...43 translations later, Yandex gives us:

"He bought."

Anonymous 496025

File: 1421639073582.png (Spoiler Image,30.96 KB, 740x194, Untitled.png)

Original text:

"MLPCHAN you fucking scrub i will murder your family and kill you aswell, and all your little precious members too"

...43 translations later, Yandex gives us:

"MLPCHAN, co-host you,your family and kill someone killed "

File: 1420649088481.jpg (109.01 KB, 1371x918, itshappening.jpg)

8chan is under attack Anonymous 492243[View][Last 50 Posts]

It appears that 8chan is being flooded in a denial of service attack. The site has been down over three hours now.

I wonder who is behind this?
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Anonymous 495134

I thought they used Emily with /pone/ instead of /mlp/ in her hat.

Anonymous 495137

Who the fuck is Emily?

Anonymous 495410

File: 1421566286103.png (55.29 KB, 600x600, 667175__safe_oc_monochrome_plu…)

Emily - /mlp/ tan

File: 1420938506919.jpg (397.36 KB, 976x1024, 01298498189723.jpeg)

N40 493127[View][Last 50 Posts]

Ya es hora
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Anonymous 495451


>implicando que era yo

N40 495454

File: 1421567105427.png (398.35 KB, 1000x769, 1421534471368.png)

Dudo mucho que las salas de exposicion de obras nudista hayan sido lo que es hoy el cine para adultos o que "x" comprador de pintura nudista le encante masturbarse en donde la presume.


N40 495460

File: 1421272760592.jpg (13.78 KB, 247x242, 1407798307492.jpg)

m00t Anonymous 494509[View]

Wow, look everyone, we were wrong. Moot is actually a really great guy.


tl;dr: just read the damn thing, it'll take you three minutes
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Anonymous 494532

File: 1421284093067.gif (1.22 MB, 250x250, 1420238579286.gif)

Anonymous 494570

File: 1421317894864.gif (111.85 KB, 320x240, mtr_1384705451127.gif)

Anonymous 494740

anyone have a sauce for this gif?

File: 1420271426376.jpg (118.84 KB, 704x1331, 1412566456348.jpg)

Anonymous 489807[View]

Daily Reminder
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💀 Thony Bones 💀 !AppLeJAcK. 494607

Sensible post, chap.

Anonymous 494608

Seems like mules/donkeys are thoroughly integrated and live among the ponies like ponies, whereas griffons stand out a bit more. (At least, in Ponyville they do.)

Notably, Gilda attended summer flight camp with Rainbow Dash, and both Gustav and Mulia Mild participated in the baking competition.

Anonymous 494623

Makes sense especially if you get your butt kick by futtershy?

File: 1421154208004.jpg (1.75 MB, 2448x3264, 20150113_074816.jpg)

Anonymous 494404[View]

I got these at a bargain bin /anon/

Did I do good?
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Anonymous 494408


I just saw these and decided I wanted them. Sometimes owning a physical copy is more fun than just a file on a computer.

Anonymous 494410

how much?

Anonymous 494412


It says right on the cases that they were both $4.99

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