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Newfag from ponychan Anonymous 498919[View]

Please describe this board for me in your own unique way anons. I want to get an idea of what it's like.
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Anonymous 499376

Do you mean storywise or what?

Anonymous 499383

Well yeah, any good /rp/ threads usually have one or two interesting stories involving the players or whatever.

They have like whole tumblrs dedicated to that kinda shit.

Anonymous 499393

The first one involves a stallion named Anon. He sneaks up on Twilight during an experiment and you can guess what events that causes to happen in a fetish story.
The second has you play as Twilight at some point during her pregnancy while she's testing out a spell. There's a reason it's called a peculiar pregnancy.
The third stars Luna as she seeks to regrow her forces with the help of the premiere stallions.

File: 1421861880914.jpg (230.22 KB, 1218x953, webrokehisfragilelittlemind.jp…)

...an uncomfortably large single point of failure. Anonymous 496330[View][Last 50 Posts]

It's over.

moot is taking himself off the day-to-day operations of 4chan.

Time to break open that good bottle of booze you've been keeping for today.

Remember where you are at this moment. It's the moment we can stand proud, knowing we outlasted the cancer that was 4chan's administration.
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Anonymous 499134

Watch Legend of the Galactic heroes

Anonymous 499136

Admiral pls

Anonymous 499162

not even admiral. Its just that good.

though he got me into it with his "watch it" posts

File: 1421262313402.jpg (329.29 KB, 1409x1605, image.jpg)

Aryanne thread (nazi pone) Anonymous 494497[View]

Aryanne thread
Everthing aryanne!!
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Anonymous 498628

File: 1422747671932.jpg (119.87 KB, 1074x1024, 14191839089390.jpg)

Anonymous 498910

File: 1422790098653.png (311.46 KB, 3942x1998, 1414608117314.png)

Anonymous 498914

File: 1421626733349.png (86.43 KB, 706x567, mew 5.png)

/mu/sic thread Anonymous 495640[View]

ITT: Music, all genres are welcome, except for EDM and metal just kidding of course

What releases are you looking forward to this year?

What are your favorites so far?

My favorites of 2015 are:

>Panda Bear Meets The Grim Reaper by Panda Bear (psychedelic rock by one of the members of Animal Collective)

>Tetsuo & Youth by Lupe Fiasco (hip-hop, Lupe's best album since The Cool and probably his most ambitious to date)
>B4.DA.$$ by Joey Bada$$ ("conscious" hip-hop, 90s revival, the dude is like 17 and he can spit fire)

Looking forward to:

>new Bjork (it actually just leaked, but in really low quality so I haven't listened yet. Unfortunately people are saying it isn't that good).

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Anonymous 498553

File: 1422675498494.jpg (309.21 KB, 1024x1024, In_the_Wake_of_Poseidon_-_Orig…)

Heard this recently, one of my favorite albums ever.
I know it's not considered their best, but still.

Anonymous 498576


I'll have to listen, I love ITCOTCK, Red and Lark's Tongue In Aspic.

Anonymous 498806

Totally should. By the way, Lizard's another underrated one imo.

File: 1422199441180.jpg (259.32 KB, 781x1024, 1DjGj.jpg)

Cannibalism Anonymous 497360[View]

Does anybody else enjoy the idea?
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Anonymous 497723

How does eating someone's brain make you "inherit the aura" of it? Is this some magic voodoo shit?

Anonymous 497863

Unless you want to get an incurable disease, don't eat it.

Anonymous 498485

Dropped to the 3rd page, that's not conductive to having a popular thread.

File: 1419986795601.jpg (263.13 KB, 339x497, TLC.jpg)

Pleas vote for The Luna Cypher Anonymous 488690[View]

Pleas vote for The Luna Cypher here https://plus.google.com/+VisualPony/posts/SQ4Q3xvagYx
The Luna Cypher is a sequel to The Celestia Code, that story in term had a lot of adventure, mystery, show references, friendship building and a little slice of romance. I realy want to hear this epic sequel as an dramatic reading. Therfor i need all of you to help me make this come true pleas help me and the 28 others that voted for this comic.

Link to The Celestia Code: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/141549/the-celestia-code

Link to The Luna Cypher: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/175385/the-luna-cypher
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Anonymous 498241

>Fair enough. She's more like the Watson to Twilight's Holmes, though.
that's spike

Anonymous 498243

File: 1422480278171.png (720.63 KB, 2914x2837, 248579__safe_twilight+sparkle_…)


> Unless you just get mad about their existence in general.

Anonymous 498459


Yay. I love ask Doppel.

File: 1419985769003.jpg (93.41 KB, 720x471, kek.jpg)

Anonymous 488685[View]

Which one are you /anon/?
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Anonymous 498255

It really is like Tumblerinas try to always find more ridiculous ways to be politically correct and create new labels. Why don't those fuckers ever get out into the real world instead of complaining about their "privileges" even though they don't know fuck about being unprivileged. Fuck those retards. They are truly the scourge of humanity.

Anonymous 498263

File: 1422491672697.png (301.79 KB, 527x351, 1422467360005.png)

>haunted pussy
I'm sure there is porn of this.

Anonymous 498407

>I'm sure there is porn of this
Rule 34

File: 1422377443199.jpg (218.29 KB, 5000x5000, twily.jpg)

Anonymous 498080[View]


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Anonymous 498256

I see...

I SEE...

I see a shitty, overused meme.

Anonymous 498308

Really? This song's a meme?
Maybe I'm not as retro as I thought.

Anonymous 498406

I meant the image, not the song.

File: 1418473096455.png (382.13 KB, 900x545, 1417029765495.png)

Luna and Celestia comic series Anonymous 483002[View]

I know something we can do which doesn't involve kickstarting our own pony mmo or our own animated cartoon series.

You know what's that?
A comic series. A writer and a visual artist(2, maybe 3 people) are much easier to handle than a team of 100 people.

Hold auditions for a writer and put them to write the most fun, innocent and creative Luna and Celestia comic without pushing their headcanons into it, then pick one. Then request or commission an artist to draw that idea with comic panels. Get a colorist too. If you want it done faster then hire 4 artists which can copy outlines and drawing styles.

There's tons of designs and stories to tell about Luna and Celestia.
Especially if you do a babies/fillies alicorn princesses comic.

Anonymous 483003

How many issues we talking about here?

Anonymous 498189

Like 50 issues I suppose? 25 issues were always too little for Idw.

File: 1420512658669.jpg (828.62 KB, 1771x1299, Daring Do bandage.jpeg)

Anonymous 492021[View]

Anon, are you into bandage?
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Anonymous 492538

File: 1420748635373.png (897.4 KB, 1372x1067, into_position.png)

Definitely. It's so much easier this way.

Anonymous 492553

File: 1420755505356.png (194.65 KB, 628x341, Soarin' and Rainbow Dash in ho…)

Anonymous 498180

>Anon, are you into bandage?


File: 1413753645336.gif (249.51 KB, 500x500, 30f4bea710ce163b1ae1c243a553a6…)

Thunderanon 468586[View]

Here's something for you guy's to analyze and tear apart.

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Anonymous 498157

None of the threads from either site will lose any threads

Anonymous 498158

File: 1422408566295.gif (447.58 KB, 200x200, 1421551150175.gif)

>sea sirens
>just horses with fins
You fucking blew it. Is this what Odysseus saw when he heard the wails and songs of the siren?

Anonymous 498167


it's what horse odysseus saw

File: 1421969863448.png (3.29 KB, 302x237, pondering.png)

Disabilties ­Anon.m4a 496437[View]

How do you deal with people with an actual disability? Aspergers, autism, (even though the same thing practically), ADHD, Emotional behavioral disorder, Bi-polar, etc?

I've been dealing with, since highschool, the same person whom is now 22, almost 23 but around mentally 9 on good days, but 90% of the time he is mentally 7. He seems to think I'm Google. He seems to think I have all the answers like I'm a therapist or a dr. I try to explain to him to use Google, but he still gets mad and everything that I can't give him shit.

Last few times I've been with him, he's shown different sides of him. I will admit, I think he's doing better but I think he's holding back compared to what I've seen. He wont shut up about how much he is "Hypersexual" and constantly wants to have sex and jerk off. To be honest, I do not care. My biggest fear for this guy is that he's going to be like in his 40's with his brother as well, his mother is going to die and he's going to have no place to go. His maturity aspect is...like I said, around that of a child and I honestly have not seen that many results. His step dad is not going to tend to him as a "man-child" once his mother passes away, his grandparents? I can't see it either. Both he and his brother have severe autism to the point of a child mentality. I have become his mentor and I am not happy with it. Here's an example:

Last Sunday, he and I were at the mall, we had time to kill, cause we didn't have a yugioh tournament to goto cause it was canceled due to magic. Oh well. We go down to see my friend instead. She's a cool chick I've known and met at Gamestop some time ago (yes I wanna fuck the shit outta her but that's another story). Because we had time to kill, I said, we should goto Target, cause it's across the street. I told her I would pick her something up. [I have an EBT foodstamps card and don't mind doing this for anyone when I have money to use]

She says,"No thanks. Last time I got food from there, I got food poisoning"

He chimes in,"I have 5 dollars miss. You could use that."

I facepalmed so hard in my mind. I think she felt it too."Ok I think it's time to leave. Come on" We leave, as we turn the corner,"the hell is wrong with you? YOU NEVER offer money to people like that."

"What? I was just being nice."
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­Anon.m4a 498112

please exist my thread <3

i admit it, im not fully here a lot but shit, at least i can say more than others.

­Anon.m4a 498113


Anonymous 504508

>Depression Quest
>by Zoe Quinn
I wouldn't take advice from someone who is a terrible person IRL
>slept with journos to get favorable views
>SJW cunt
>the trigger that started GamerGate


Part-time worker with HF burgers here. Able to help out with stuff around the house, but still living with my parents.

Shit happens. >>496527 is right though. You gotta fight for it even harder than normalfags.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 497380[View]

So how about that 4chan mod chat leak tho?


[10:32:48] <yetsturdy> Liryui: I've accidentally dumped more than that in a row on /mlp/, those autistic retards never notice
[10:33:04] <yetsturdy> the only people left on /mlp/ are actually retards
[10:33:21] <Liryui> i see you've misspelled 4chan
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Anonymous 498066



Anonymous 498068

every time i see any of the logs get posted, they're deleted quickly. yeah so probably.

Anonymous 498076

I always thought the reason he let the mlpfans live was because there we're so many of them and they weren't really willing to give up so easily.

meh mehs Anonymous 497704[View]

Is ``don't bully '' anyone elses favorite /jp/ meh meh? I love running around yelling DON'T BULLY DON'T BULLY while drinking my grape juice but sometimes my mom spoils my fun and tells me I pissed my pants and shit myself and makes me come back in the house. Listen mom I'm 31 years old and I can run around outside and poop my pants if I want to.
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Anonymous 497819

That meme spawned from that Yuru Yuri episode right?

God I hope that show gets another season.

Anonymous 497837


Anonymous 498057

File: 1422351863981.png (25.69 KB, 300x476, keinbully.png)

Possibly. How strange I never thought if it like that.

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